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Title: Sampling Strategy and Sample Size for a Qualitative Research Plan

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Essay Instructions: ? Sampling Strategy and Sample Size for a Qualitative Research Plan
As you continue to work on your qualitative research plan, you will have to address the size and diversity of your sample population. Different kinds of studies require different sample sizes, and you should select a size that will be most appropriate for your topic and approach.

? Consider the following questions:
o From which sampling strategy would your study benefit? What factors contribute to this decision?
o What sample size would you use for the study that you are planning? What factors contribute to this decision?
o How would you justify using that particular sampling strategy and sample size? What Resources can you cite to support your justification?
The assignment:
? Craft a 4-page paper in which you do the following:
o Recommend and justify a sampling strategy and sample size for your qualitative research plan. Include any references to the literature, where appropriate.

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Essay Instructions: Sampling and Data Analyses
The single-study critique paper 2 is an individual assignment.Develop your individual response to Single-Study Paper 2 from your IOM topic area. Use the same article for Single Study Critiques 1 and 2. It is a requirement that you use a quantitative study for this paper. Also, please make sure your article is submitted with your paper and turnitin report (including percentages) to the dropbox. Submit a 4 page paper (excluding title page and reference pages) for this assignment. The components required for this paper are listed in the grading rubric below.
The guidelines for this paper include the following:The grading scale will be as follows:
1. Identify population and sample for the study. Address ethical considerations for the sample. Discuss the article in terms of how the researcher(s) did or did not demonstrate that the study was reliable and valid. Include information on the type of instruments used to collect data and methods of data collection. Be sure to address errors of measurement, reliability of measuring instruments, and internal consistency. Provide the background/rationale for your answer to justify your response.

2. You are also asked to rate the level of evidence of your research article. The research article must be ranked according to reliable hierarchy of evidence. You must provide the correct citation for the scale used to rank the article chosen. Please see the section "Hierarchy of Evidence" under Unit 3 or another source for to complete this portion of the paper. Remember to cite all sources used to develop this paper.

3. Address how data were collected in this research study. Consider the quality of the data in your research study.
Points - Criteria

1/1 Introduction paragraph. What is the purpose of the paper and what will be discussed?
2/2: Correct critique of sampling design. Cite guideline references used for critiquing sampling designs.
Population and sample were identified.

2/2 Critique ethical considerations taken by the researcher(s).

2/2: Instrumentation and data collection methods were identified.

1/1: Rated the evidence from a hierarchy of evidence. Justify the rating of the evidence.
2/2: Demonstrated if study was or was not valid and reliable. For reliability, addressed errors of measurement, reliability of measuring instruments, and internal consistency. Identified the type of validation used for the instruments in the study (i.e. face, content, criterion-related). If aspects of reliability or validity were not addressed in the article, this must be stated.

2/2: Critique statistical methods used. See chapters 16-18 in Polit and Beck (2012).

1/1: Identify computer hardware/software and discuss current version with reference citation.
2/2: Identified statistically significant findings (or stated there were none). Mention the test used, and the p. value; justify your answer.

2/2: Identified other important findings and recommendations (or stated there were none); describe application to nursing.
2/2: Addressed guidelines for critiquing data collection plan and data quality in quantitative studies.

2/2: Conclusions: Critique the essential points of the paper.

2/2: Overall scholarliness of the paper: Correct grammar and spelling. Correct use of APA format (6th ed.).

1/1: Title Page and Reference Page: For any errors on these pages, 1 point will be deducted.

1/1: Article submitted to dropbox.
25/25 Total

2 single pages but these does not include the tithe or reference page please. The only research article to be used is attached thanks

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Essay Instructions: Sampling Techniques
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In addition to determining how the data will be collected and which measures to use, when conducting research, researchers must decide who will be asked to participate. Obtaining an adequate sample is one of the most important factors in conducting research. Locate two research studies on Proquest or EbscoHost (or another search engine through UoR?s library), one that utilized a probability sampling method and one that utilized a non-probability sampling method. Answer the following questions regarding each study:

What sampling procedure was used? Discuss in detail and in your own words how the sample was selected and collected.
For the probability sampling method, did the sample adequately represent the population? Why or why not?
What other probability and non-probability sampling procedures could have been used?
What changes could you suggest that would make the sampling procedures more rigorous?
In your opinion, which study and sampling procedure produced the most rigorous research and why

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Essay Instructions: Identify and discuss the 2 types of sampling designs.
In the response be sure to thoroughly describe the 2 general types of sampling techniques.
Also, discuss the specific types within each category.
Finally, address the benefits and limitations of each general technique, and provide examples of when one approach is better than the other.
Respond to the question above with a 2 - 3 page essay. This question is worth 30 points. Points will not be deducted for exceeding the page limit; if you need more space to respond then feel free to go over 3 pages.

A fellow researcher asks that you join her in performing secondary data analysis on Department of Justice Data relevant to traffic stops and racial profiling. What questions would you ask her relevant to the nature of the data in order for you to determine if the study is feasible; consequently, allowing you to choose an appropriate research methodology.
In your response, briefly describe secondary data analysis and evaluability assessments/feasibility studies.
Discuss the questions and/or issues addressed with evaluability assessments.
Describe the feasibility study questions that would be relevant for a racial profiling evaluation utilizing secondary data.
Respond to the question above with a 2 - 3 page essay. This question is worth 30 points. Points will not be deducted for exceeding the page limit; if you need more space to respond then feel free to go over 3 pages.

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