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Title: Russias foreign policy towards Germanys demand for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council

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Essay Instructions: Topic: Political Science International Relations research paper

Research: Russia?s foreign policy towards Germany?s demand for a permanent seat in the UN Security Council

Provide a brief history of the events leading up to the decision under study and the context under which that decision took place. This narrative should highlight the major issues in dispute or issues of concern for the state making the decision.

Identify the national interests affected and the goals that the state in question sought to achieve in the situation described. Describe and discuss the other policy alternatives (beside the one taken) that were or could have been considered by the state. In discussing the goals, be sure to identify which goals were most important and why. In addition, provide a rationale/logic and a clear description for each of the policy alternatives that were not ultimately chosen by the state:

I want the identification of key issues or disputes, description of historical sequence and context, identification of interests and goals, and the identification of policy alternatives.

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Title: Russia

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Essay Instructions: Number of primary/secondary sources (references) requested = four Internet, personal experience

identify the country, its location, climate, demographics. Discuss major health concerns of Russia; include: Rapidly rising AIDS throughout the FSU, No ability or ineffective ability to screen blood supply for all pathogens ie. Hepatitis A / B; AIDS. Luckily, blood is normally not banked in the FSU due to a variety of problems ie. ineffective temperature controls, faulty containment, inappropriate bags etc. New and relatively unknown antibiotic resistant strains of TB, especially in the far East of Russia.
Tickborne Encepalitis much more prevalent than the West in the South FSU regions ie. stay out of the forests in the South of Russia from May through August. Crumbling buildings throughout many cities without recent inspections. Elevators that can go out at any time. Think of a place with many infrastructure problems and you have the FSU in a nutshell.
No leash laws on dogs often can lead to confrontations with stray dogs. Rabies is always a concern.
Most peoples problems which lead to the lower lifespans are accidents, alcoholism, poor choice of available foodstuffs and inadequate or low quality health care system. Somehow most people get by the infrastructure problems, but they are a growing concern amongst the have nots, which is the majority of the population. Old rusting / corroding pipes to start with, which leads to the chance of more metal(s) in the water than you are used to, want or need. Questionable water purity / non-purity issues throughout a good part of the FSU as well.
Toxic burial grounds can be anywhere. Are they even cleaning up sites?

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Title: Russia's Endless Teeter-Totter

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Essay Instructions: This week we turn to the east of Europe. The question for us is: how European is Russia? This is content for us to conside prior to the events of the past couple of months. I'd like for you to reflect both on what the sense of all of this was until recently and also how recent events may be altering the conventional thinking on the matter. Read the following articles and respond to the questions.
1.Using information from throughout the course, how would you assess Russia as a part of Europe? Culturally, politically, economically?
2.Based on our discussions of contemporary Europe, is Russia likely to grow more or less blended with Europe? why or why not? It may be useful to consider various European subregions if you like.

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Title: Russia Chechnya Relationship

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Essay Instructions: I will upload a book review I wrote on Allah's Mountain : The Battle for Chechnya....

so we had to meet w the prof to determine a term paper project which is closely related to our book the meeting she recmnds sources...mine are

Russia's Chechen Wars 1994-2000; Lessons from Urban Combat by Olga Oliker

Russia Confronts Chechnya: Roots of a Separatist Conflict by John Dunlop

Topic: The Relationship between Russia and its ethnic republic, Chechnya...Describe the give and take between the Russian center and its regions....focusing on the 2 Chechen wars

very broad topic that can go in many directions...has to get by t u r nitin....

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