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Title: General Motor Root cause analysis When the

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Essay Instructions: Root cause Analysis of General Motors to identify ways in which the company could have been more effective by communicating, collaborating, and organizing. Some problems which were identified;

1. Efficiency (Communication and listening problems)
2. Competition (Toyota: A. Hybrid)
3. Design
4. Environment
5. Reliability

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Essay Instructions: The Application of Quality Improvement Models in Organizations and Systems, Part I Analysis

Required Resources


Course Text: Applying Quality Management in HealthCare: A Systems Approach

Review Chapter 9, "Improving Processes and Implementing Improvements"

Chapter 10, "Measuring Process and System Performance"

Article: Brown, J. E., Smith, N., & Sherfy, B. R. (2011). Decreasing mislabeled laboratory specimens using barcode technology and bedside printers. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 26(1), 13-21. doi:10.1097/NCQ.0b013e3181e4e6dd

Article: Carroll, L. J., & Rothe, J. P. (2010). Levels of reconstruction as complementarity in mixed methods research: a social theory-based conceptual framework for integrating qualitative and quantitative research. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 7(9), 3478-3488.

Article: Cooper, M. R., Duquette, C. E., McWilliams, T., Orsini, M., & Klein, A. A. (2009). The unintended consequences of being friendly: A case study. Journal for Healthcare Quality: Promoting Excellence in Healthcare, 31(5), 43?47.

Article: Nicolini, D., Waring, J., & Mengis, J. (2011). Policy and practice in the use of root cause analysis to investigate clinical adverse events: Mind the gap. Social Science & Medicine, 73(2), 217?225. doi:10.1016/j.socscimed.2011.05.010

Article: Siriwardena, A. N. (2009). Using quality improvement methods for evaluating health care. Quality in Primary Care, 17(3), 155-159.
Website: American Society of Quality. (n.d.). Quality Tools. Retrieved from

Website: National Committee for Quality Assurance. (2011). Healthcare effectiveness data and information set (HEDIS). Retrieved from

Optional Resources are listed in the Week 9 Learning Resources.

Post a cohesive response that addresses the following:
1. Examine the steps for conducting a root cause analysis presented in the Nicolini, Waring, and Mengis article. This article will serve as a foundation for the Discussion. If you were conducting a root cause analysis in a health care organization with the actual individuals involved, you would be able to use these steps more fully. For this assignment, you will use these steps as a jumping off point for discussion and analysis.

2. As a team, discuss each step in the root cause analysis process in relation to the "The Unintended Consequences of Being Friendly: A Case Study" article presented in the Learning Resources. The following are a few questions to help guide your Discussion.

3. What qualitative and quantitative information would help you address each step in the analysis? Identify as much information as you can for each step in the root cause analysis process. For instance, what indicators from the case study should be included as facts?

4. If certain information is not provided in the case study, how would you, as a team, proceed to gather data?

5. Who should participate in this analysis? Which roles or which specific individuals should be invited to participate?

6. What questions or considerations would help to guide your investigation?

7. summarize key insights that your team has gained about your selected scenario, this type of sentinel event, and use of root cause analysis.

sentinal event or selected scenario that my team will like to discuss in the root cause analysis is either FECAL IMPACTION OR DEHYDRATION IN THE ELDERLY PATIENTS LIVING IN LONG TEAM CARE FACILITIES or if the writer have a good one does okay with me too.

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Title: Root Cause Analysis of Case Study

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Essay Instructions: ***** A Case Study will be uploaded as a resource.

***** A pdf file resource to help do a root cause analysis will be uploaded.

1. Complete a ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS (RCA) that takes into consideration causative factors that led to the sentinel event (this patient's outcome). Be sure to discuss errors or hazards in care in this scenario.

2. Use CHANGE THEORY to develop an improvement plan to decrease the likelihood of a reoccurrence of the outcome or the scenario.

3. Use FAILURE MODE AND EFFECTS ANALYSIS (FMEA) to project the likelihood that the process improvement plan you suggest would not fail.
a. Identify the members of the interdisciplinary team who will be included in the RCA and FMEA.
b. Explain how you would test any interventions to improve care in a similar situation by changing the process of care.
c. Discuss pre-steps for preparing for the FMEA.
d. Describe THREE steps of the FMEA: severity, occurrence, and detection.

4. Discuss the key role nurses would play in improving the quality of care in this situation.
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Title: Root Cause Analysis

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Essay Instructions: Complete a Root Cause Analysis on the uploaded Case Study. Instructions are uploaded as resource files. Pay close attention to the instruction on originality -- everything must be in original wording -- no direct quotes and do not use the same wording from other papers created from this site.

You can use the grading rubric provided as an outline for the paper.

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