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Title: Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

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Essay Instructions: ENG 246: Introduction to Children's Literature

Remember that for each of the five questions below, my answer must be at least 150 words in length and must provide detailed analysis and discussion of the novel that prove not only that I read and understand the book but that I have learned how to analyze its literary qualities per the textbook's discussion of the genre.

Critical Interpretation of Mildred D. Taylor’s Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Question 1
What does the title, "Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry," mean? Review chapters three and eleven in particular.

Question 2
What does the character of TJ represent or symbolize? To answer this, consider the following questions: What makes TJ betray his best friend, Stacey, and the Logan family? Why do the Logans sympathize with TJ, particularly Mary "Mama" Logan? How does TJ compare with Jeremy Simms? Why does Stacey help TJ even though TJ betrayed him?

Question 3
What does Cassie Logan's relationship with "Miz Lillian Jean" represent or symbolize? Describe the three conflicts with Miz Lillian Jean and explain what each represents or what message each incident conveys. What does Cassie ultimately learn after her final conflict with Lillian Jean? What is Mildred D. Taylor's message about Cassie's behavior, especially as it contrasts with the elder Logans?

Question 4
Explain the history of the Logan farm and how it is connected to the politics surrounding their boycott of the Wallace's store. Compare the Logan's situation with that of the Black sharecroppers on the Granger's land.

Question 5
Select three of the following symbols to analyze in detail for what they mean or represent: the Mississippi flag, the school bus, Uncle Hammer's car, the "night men," Stacey's winter coat (both his old one and the new one bought by Uncle Hammer), the town of Strawberry, the textbooks Little Man and Cassie refused to accept, Jeremy Simms's tree, TJ's new suit and hat, Jeremy's gift to Stacey.

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Title: family history and self perceptions

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Essay Instructions: Essay on "Roll of Thunder, Hear me Cry" by Mildred Taylor

Find a chapter in which a Logan adult tells Cassie a story about her family. What knowledge, values, and perceptions of self and family does the adult transmit to Cassie through the family history.


Essay must be at least two pages double-spaced. You may summarize when refering to incidients in the story, be sure to support assertions by citing the tales. Cite the story by placing the page number in parentheses after your quotation or paraphrase. Must contain at least two cited quotes or paraphrases.

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Essay Instructions: Essay is on "Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry" by Mildred D. Taylor give some background about the author and how she impacted western literature, then commentary/response on the story and how racism affected the lives of Cassie Logan (the narrator) and her family in the story.

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