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Though TJ played a minor role, his character was very important for the overall depiction of life during this period. He wanted the white people to accept him as one of their own and for this, he betrayed Stacey and joined the white boys. Despite this act, Stacey and the Logan family felt sad for TJ and genuinely wanted to help them out. They understood the motive and reasons for his behavior and empathized with him. This empathy wass also the primary reason for Papa Logan to set fire to his farm so that he can be protected from brutal punishment by the white people.

This character is a stark contrast against Jeremy Simms. Jeremy wanted to be friends with the Logans because he liked them and he felt that their company would make him happy. On the other hand, TJ befriended the white boys because he wanted to be accepted by whites and not be discriminated against.
Question 3 What does Cassie Logan's relationship with "Miz Lillian Jean" represent or symbolize?

Miz Lillian Jean was Jeremy's sister. Lillian Jean did not like the Logans and she was clearly unhappy about her brother's behavior towards them. So, she screamed at Jeremy whenever he tried to talk to the Logans. Cassie felt insulted by her behavior and decided to teach her a lesson.

Cassie tricked her into becoming her friend. She got all the secrets from Lillian Jean and then beat her up as a revenge for all the insults meted out to her. Lillian Jean, on the other hand, thought Cassie was perfectly comfortable in being a slave and so she treated her like one. Big.....

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