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Title: Role of Women in the Family

Total Pages: 2 Words: 582 References: 1 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This assignment supports the following lesson objectives:

Discuss the changing role of women in the family.

Assignment Overview

This article explores the role of women in the family.


Two-page essay response (12 point font) to exercise questions.

Activity Details

Perform the following tasks:

Step 1: View the map, "Atlas Map: Changing Lives of American Women, 1880-1930",13885,4697993-content,00.html

Step 2: After studying the map closely, respond to the following.
Use MS Word to write your response to the following:

In what ways did the role of women in society change during this period?

Did the role of women in the family change at all? If so, how?

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Title: Play

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1500 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: We will pay $120.00 for this order!!

Essay topic: Bernard Shaw is a playwright who very specifically uses his plays to promote specific ideas. In Mrs. Warren's Profession, he "discusses' the "modern woman". Discuss the role of women in society, the role society plays in forming a person's character. Also discuss Shaw's arguments of "moral" versus "societal" influences.

I need an essay that is very precise,clear and organized. In the introduction, the essay must contain the clear thesis statement with a very interesting opening. I also need three body paragraphs with three different strong arguements. Each body paragraphs must start with main arguement which is pointed in the introduction. Also each paragraph must contain mininum of 3 quotes with precise explanation. The length of the introduction and conclusion should be about the same. Please do use the same sentences used in the introduction for conclusion. Title must be given to this essay. The main point of each body paragraph should also be indicated before the start of the paragraph. Please do not use "I" "We" "My" Please avoid using any reduntant word.

This essay should discuss mostly the characters of Mrs. Warren and vivie. Shaw displayes two different kinds of "mordern woman" Mrs. Warren adn Vivie are both "modern woman"- they are independent of men (Mrs. warrent earns $ on her own and she isn't married etc.. Vivie is highly educated and smokes "cigarrette") However, they have different views on having "Character" It would be necessary to compare and contrast Mrs. Warren's and Vivie's characters to discuss moral vs. societal influences. Mrs. Warren has both moral and societal influences. Her Moral influences are mostly shown in ACT2 and her societal influences are shown in ACT 4. Vivie's moral influences are mostly shown in ACT 1 and ACT4 and she is pursuaed to understand Mrs. societal influences in ACT2. This essay must also explain the "Character" described by Vivie and Mrs. Warren and how they changes their views on "character" Please indicate how Shaw shows these two different "modern woman" in different influences.
Please look for quotes that has "character" -p 1754 Frank (last sentence)P1783 Frank "Oh, dont mind my feelings. Give me some improving advice ....."(in the middle) P1761 Vivie " If i thought that I was like that -that I was going to be a waster, shifting along from on...."(in the middle)
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Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Sophocles from Antigone

Total Pages: 2 Words: 693 Bibliography: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Write a well-organized and well-considered essay of no less than 500 words in response to the following topic. Make sure you have read the excerpt from Antigone in the text. If possible read the whole play and/or view a video of the play. Links to the entire video of Antigone are found under "External Links." Due date: March 8

Sophocles’ play "Antigone" raises a number of issues of relevance to our own time as well as that of Ancient Greece: the role of women in society, the conflict between individual moral conscience and the security or authority of the state, the ability or inability to act in the face of perceived injustice (Antigone vs. Ismene), the effect of reckless actions of political leadership, etc. In some detail and in your own words, summarize and analyze what you see as the most interesting or important element in the tragedy of "Antigone" and identify and discuss an analogous or similar situation present in our own culture today.
500 words double spaced, with 2 references and works cited page. I am a girl with a lot to say but I don't usually use deep words in my essays, more simple words would be better.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: compare and contrast 4 regions or countries

Total Pages: 2 Words: 676 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Due at Final Exam (Thursday, May 19)

Assignment: Compare/contrast four cultural concepts between regions or countries we have learned about in this class.

Cultural concepts can include almost anything, such as language, religion, the role of women in society, how the physical landscape affects human activity, food, how history has shaped current culture, urbanization, agricultural practices, and so on.

You can compare two separate regions (although keep in mind that the regions we study are far too diverse to generalize!), between two separate countries within a region, between two separate countries in two separate regions, or even between two regions of the same country.

Each compare/contrast should be one half page typed (double space), so you will be writing about two pages. This should not be difficult! Each compare/contrast is worth 2.5% of your grade, and the whole assignment will total 10% of your final grade. I will grade each one on a pass/fail basis, similar to Dr. Osborn’s original idea for participation grades. Competent answers that reflect an understanding of the material will be given credit, while answers that are just flat out wrong or totally misguided will not be given credit! Those of you who have been attending class should find this assignment to be a breeze, while those of you who haven’t will likely have to do a lot more work.

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