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Did the role of women in the family change at all? If so, how?

There was a change in the role of women in the family. Women were no longer caregivers and house wives. Their roles changed, and they now were also providing for the family and not just dependent on their husbands. From the map and graph provided we see the number of single working women was more than that of married working women. This shows that women were not just interested in getting married and bearing children or raising families, but they wanted also to be providers.

A settlement house for women was founded in 1889 by Jane Addams. Hull House was the name for this settlement. It provided educational and social opportunities for the European Immigrants who were the majority residents of the house. This settlement house was used mostly by women. They were the teachers and caregivers.
The women used this settlement house to gain liberation and also to learn about their rights. Women were now not speechless and weak.

The number of women taking up public positions that were previously reserved for men only was also increasing steadily. Women were more vocal in speaking out about the ills that they were facing in society. They could organize demonstrations that fought for their rights like it happened in 1848 when they gathered to fight for their rights as women. Women like Ida B. Wells who was a journalist launched a campaign against lynching of blacks by the whites. Women could now be heard, and they could influence other women and men to support them in their endeavors.

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