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Essay Instructions: Rights of Accused?

Write a two to three (2?3) page paper on the rights of the accused. In your paper, address the following:

Define due process and its origins.
Explain how due process protects the accused against abuses by the federal government.
Use at least three (3) references: The textbook plus two others, excluding Wikipedia, dictionaries, and encyclopedias.
The format of the paper is to be as follows:

Typed, double-spaced, Times New Roman font (size 12), one-inch margins on all sides, APA format.
Type the question followed by your answer to the question.
Use in-text citation of references.
In addition to the two to three (2?3) pages required, a title page and a reference page are to be included. The title page is to contain the title of the assignment, your name, the instructor?s name, the course title, and the date. The reference page should include your minimum of three (3) references

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Right to life

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2898 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: My topics for this essay are the following questions that must be answered in essay form

1. In honoring the right to life, do issues of quality of life enter in? If so, why or why not?. Give concrete examples to support your answer by discussing the cases of Tracy Latimer, Baby Theresa, Jodie and Mary. class text book is the "Elements of Moral Philosophy" by James Rachel, Sixth Edition. Chapter 1, What is Morality?. Include the minimum conception to morality in writings. Also discuss whether others have the right to decide about quality of life for another person----parents/doctors/society- e.g. as in positive and negative eugenics or in euthananasia as in the Tracy Latimer case. Should someone's life whose quality is dubious or suspect be shortened for the benefit of others such as in the Baby Theresa case?

2. In honoring the right to life, do we have to take into account the values and beliefs of the person having the right? WHY? And under what circumstances? Discuss this by discussing Assisted Suicide . Refer to article by Richard Doreflinger, "Assisted Suicide: Pro-Choice or Anti-Life" and "The Morality of Euthanasia" in textbook "The Right Thing To Do", by James Rachels, Fifth Edition. Note--Professor made comment that the key word here is "SUFFERING"

3. Does society ever have the right to take away life? If so, under what circumstances? Discuss the right to life or sanctity of life arguments against capital punishment. In discussion talk about the statement of Catholic Bishops and the statement by Casare di Beccaria(1794) as well as Bright's arguments about the United States as a moral leader in this article, "Why the United States Should Join The Rest of the World in Abandoning Capital Punishment" in The Right Thing To Do, Fifth Edition. The right to life plays a key role in the arguments for capital punishment-HOW? Does the right to life play a key role in these arguments-retribution and deterrence? Refer to article by Louis P. Pojman "A Defense of the Death Penalty" in "The Right Thing To Do", Fifth Edition

4. What do we do if the right to life conflicts with other rights such as the right of self-defense(protecting one's own life) or the right of a woman to decide what shall happen to her body? What rights take priority and when? Provide your arguments by drawing on the article of abortion by Judith Jarvis Thompson in "The Right Thing To Do" You must consider both the pros and cons of the arguments as does Thompson.

THE PROFESSOR EXPECTS ME TO TAKE A POSITION ON MANY OF THESE ISSUES AND THEY SHOULD BE A REASONED ONE WITH ARGUMENTS TO SUPPORT IT. This paper is not just about re-stating the authors comments and arguments. It's also about my moral opinions on these subjects. So please write it accoringly. Also the Professor does NOT want an essay filled with quotes. If you do quote they should be mostly from the textbooks indicated above.

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Title of Paper Rights of the Accused
1.Fully defined due process and it origins, Completed with 90-100% accuracy, 2.Fully explained how due process protects the accused against abuses by the federal government. Complete with 90-100% accuracy, thoroughness, and logic, Used three (3) reference as directed. Explanations very clear and well organized. Good grammar, sentence structure, paragraph structure, spelling punctuation, and APA USAGE. Also, no turnit in hits.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Employer and Employee Rights and Duties

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2319 Sources: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Employer and employee rights and duties under employment law in the United Arab Emirates. The assignment should give a high level overview of the key practical issues including: permissions to work; contractual and implied terms of employment; minimum wages; restrictions on working time; leave, illness and injury; rights of parents and carers; data protection; discrimination and harassment; dismissals; redundancies; employer and parent company liability; employee representation and consultation; consequence of business transfers; pensions; intellectual property; restraint of trade agreements and proposals for reform.

Note: The assignment should cover both employer and employee rights and duties.

Excerpt From Essay:

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