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Essay Instructions: I have to write a persuasive MULTIPLE SOURCE essay about red bull marketing. The teacher is very strict on the structure so

1 paragraph: summarize a main article / source which is related to the thesis statement " that red bull is successful in the world market eventhough it is so unhealthy" (this is no good thesis statement maybe you can improve it) but only summarize in first paragraph!

2 paragr. Hypothesis, opinion on this article, which includes thesis, either agreeing or disagreeing (Iam against red bull) then provide 3 arguments/ points which you would like to explore. These three points / arguments have to be supported by three sources each in a different paragraph (shown below)

3 parag. views of argument 1, which is supported by source2 , example and own opinion
4parag. views of argument 2 which is supported by source 3 , example and own opinion
5 paragr. views of argument 3 which is supoorted by source4, example and own opinion

Conclusion : summary of main points, leave reader thinking , suggestion

ONLY 4 sources are allowed to be used and there should be 1 main source and the others sources should support that source. Iam no native speaker thats why it would be kind, if you do not use a to complex wording.

quoting, paraphrase and summarize is alowed but not too much. Quotes have to be explained.

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Title: application paper

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2121 Sources: 5 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: It's a marketing class paper. subjective: I have created a new product: RED BULL ENERGY CANDY. it's designed like coca-cola candy, with redbull energy drink inside the candy.
its 15 candies in a pack selling at a price of $9.99. Competitors can be energy bars, energy tablet, vitamin tablets,and so.

Paper requirement is to Based on the sources that you identified for the Library Database Resource List
assignment and/or other books and articles you have identified since, please discuss
the significant issues you see from your research. Relevant issues will vary among
ventures, but some issues that may be of interest are:
? Characteristics, resources, and potentials of direct or indirect competitors
for your venture;
? The extent of dissatisfaction with the current situation or offerings among
members of the target market;
? The ability and willingness of the target customers to pay for the product;
? Societal and/or other environmental changes that may favor or complicate
the proposed offering; and
? Issues of technological feasibility.
Your discussion should emphasize issues of managerial importance—considerations in
whether and how you might introduce this product. The managerial implications
should be discussed explicitly.
? The paper starts with a brief reminder of the proposal description (no
more than five lines).
? The research is based on legitimate books, periodicals, and other quality
and objective materials. Most web sites not associated with quality
periodicals are not acceptable.
? All sources are clearly cited.
? Managerial implications are highlighted.
? Reasoning for conclusions is clearly articulated.
? Any assumptions are clearly identified.
? The term “etc.” (or other ambiguous terms) is not used.
A draft of the evaluation form for this assignment is available on the course web site
but is subject to revision.
There are faxes for this order.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: application paper

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2072 References: 8 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The project is to creat a non-existing product to the market.
The Red Bull Energy Candy was created on the basis of energizing the consumer whenever they need an energy boost. Aside the stated functionality of the product, the candy is also made with chocolate and provides gustative delight for the buyer.

The application paper is to
This option involves a discussion (based on reading, consumer observation, and/or
interviews) of issues in consumer behavior that have implications for success--e.g.,
? Consumer information search strategy
? Level of category involvement in the decision making process;
? Typical characteristics of the shopping occasion;
? Consumer product category knowledge;
? Social influence on product choice and/or selection;
? Means-end associations with the product;
? Consumer attitudes toward the product category and/or brands involved;
? Family member influences and roles; and
? Situational influences relevant to the product category, target market, and
distribution channel.
In your discussion, you should be sure to highlight managerial implications of the
consumer behavior implications. You may want to discuss ethical issues—e.g.,
consumer decision making approaches for certain low involvement products that make
them vulnerable to deceptive or confusing marketing claims.
If you perform primary research (e.g., interviews or surveys), you should clearly state
your procedure and the sample size involved.

? The paper starts with a brief reminder of the proposal description (no more
than five lines).
? The analysis emphasizes managerial implications of your reading.
? Any assumptions are identified.
? Any sources used are cited.
? Any primary research performed is clearly documented.
? The term “etc.” (or other ambiguous terms) is not used.

Resource materials will be send via email. It is an sample of how the paper should be written.
There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Social Media

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2380 Works Cited: 7 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Identify (3) social media strategies best practices and examines how they are implemented within Red Bull GmbH; the paper should focus on social media strategic approaches, implementation and results. Report need expert sources (journals and/or books(Social Media Marketing ??" A Strategic Approach, 1st edition by Melissa Barker, Donald Barker, Nicholas Bormann, Krista Neher.) to (1) briefly describe the best practice, and (2) analyze two or more case studies discussing the implementation and its impact in specific organizations.

Excerpt From Essay:

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