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Title: Recommendation Letter

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Essay Instructions: Recommendation Letter needed.
From YMCA director, to Anna Willington, addressed to the University Admissions Counsel. YMCA director is writing this letter to help Anna get into a counseling masters degree program.
-Anna is a YMCA Swim Instructor: worked with the YMCA family during the summer of 2005 (may-aug), summer of 2007 (may-July), and summer of 2008 (May- aug) as a swim instructor for ages 2-12. Anna is a certified lifeguard and instructor, with over 300 hours of training. She is certified in adult, child and infant CPR. Anna is wonderful with children and incorporates her own personal techniques to teach children how to improve their aquatic abilities. She teaches group sessions with children who are moderate to advanced swimmers, along with children needing individual, one-on-one attention who are placed at the beginner’s level, along with first- time swimmers. She is always timely and in a great mood. She is also flexible when scheduling her for shifts. It is always a pleasure to witness her interact with the kids… they all love and adore her. They all know her by name and look up to her. She is also apart of our Big Brother/Big Sister Program, in which she tutors the 7-9 age group in our afterschool program. She has one little sister at the moment, Jessica Nguyen, whom receives homework help from Anna on a regular basis and is taken on play dates twice a month. It is apparent that the two of them share a close, special bond. We consider Anna a very valuable asset to our YMCA family and wish her well in her academic success at the University of San Diego. She would be a great asset to your program and to have on campus, as she has demonstrated to be a natural leader in our community.

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Title: Recomendation letter

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Essay Instructions: Recommendation letter question

1)Please describe the setting in which you supervised the applicant. Give details about their responsibilities and relationship to patient care.

2)In your opinion, does the applicant demonstrate maturity and the ability to establish and maintain effective professional relationships?

3)Give an example of how the applicant does or does not demonstrate compassion, empathy, altruism, integrity, honesty, responsibility, and tolerance.

4) Give an example of how the applicant addresses issues of diversity. Are they sensitive to diversity issues? Are they willing to engage in patient care delivery in all settings? Are they able to deliver are to all patient populations? Give examples of each, if possible.

5) Does the applicant, in your opinion, know that their values, attitudes, and beliefs, emotions and experienced affect their perceptions and relationships with others? Provide an example.

6) Give an example of how the applicant does or does not demonstrate problem solving skills. In your opinion, does the applicant have the emotional stability to function effectively under stress? If you observed the applicant dealing with conflict or crisis, please describe the situation and how the applicant handled it.

7) Give an example of how the applicant does or does not function as a member of a team in a diverse interpersonal, academic, community and/or working environments.

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Title: Recommendation Letter

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Essay Instructions: Recommendation Letter from a professor (written at doctoral level) for a student named Anna Willington. Professor teaches at University of Ireland, Galway (NUI Galway). He is a creative writing professor, writing a recommendation letter for Anna to get into a masters program at the University of San Diego. Please talk about Ana being "a young, bright mind" and that she stood out from other students with her enthusiasm and charm. She participated in class often and worked well in groups, helping others edit and revise their work. Also talk about how she wasn't afraid to take chances with her work and freely expressed her ideas in class. Also, she wasn't afraid to ask questions and challenge the "norm." Please start off the letter to the board of admissions by talking a little about the school and writing program, maybe a paragraph in length. The details of the school are written below. Please make the majority of the letter focus on Anna and the fact that she has the ability to succeed in graduate school. Thank you.

"Combining excellence with innovation"
Established in 1845 as Queen's College Galway, NUI Galway is one of Ireland's foremost centers of academic excellence. With over 15,000 students, it has a long established reputation of teaching and research excellence. With top quality teaching from leading experts, the English Department is one of the largest and liveliest in the university.
The Department has an active research staff engaged in projects across the full range of literary history, from medieval and early modern to contemporary. Particular research strengths lie in Chaucerian studies, theatre, Irish studies, women's writing, editing, post/colonial studies, travel, and periodical literature. The Department is committed to integrating its research interests and its teaching at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, in particular through its three taught MA programs and its contributions to multi-disciplinary programs. Our undergraduate courses are intended to guide students through a very wide range of literature and other forms of communication. We teach courses on literature from the middle ages to the present, and from nearly all the English-speaking countries of the world. We regularly host a writer-in-residence and several visiting scholars.

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Title: Recommendation Letter

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Essay Instructions: Letter of recommendation needed.

-Anna Wellington was our nanny/ private teacher in our home in Galway, Ireland. Dates of employment: Feb 2007-Dec 2008, except summers, when the children went on holiday to their grandparents’ house. She looked after our 3 children. She was a wonderful and spirited live- in nanny, and home-schooled the two older kids. Her responsibilities included feeding them breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as light housekeeping. A typical work day for Anna would include waking up with the baby (who when she started was only 3 months old) and changing his nappy and feeding him. She would cook breakfast for the children (James, Hillary and Sophi) and do light house work. She did the grocery shopping and was always there for errands and anything else we asked of her. She home- schooled the 2 older children, age 9 and 12. They would also go to museums and other educational field trips. She often took the two eldest to football practice each day and accompanied us to church each Sunday. She made lunch and dinner, made sure they all had baths in the evening and read to them for an hour each night before bed. The baby was taught all his shapes and colors by 18 months. The middle child showed drastic improvement in her reading level by jumping two reading levels in one year. The eldest excelled in soccer and school and became a well- adjusted young woman. Anna was a wonderful role model for the kids. She became sort of a motherly figure to them after the passing of their mother in 2006. She got them through the grieving process and some very tough times. The 2 eldest did well in school and placed very high in scholastic achievement exams. Also, both placed high marks on read comprehension and mathematics tests and were placed back in state school after her departure, academically well ahead of others in their age group. She left us this past December to further pursue her college endeavors. I need a wonderful, well- written recommendation letter that expresses my gratefulness and high praise that I and the kids feel towards Anna. I also need to include that this letter is for her college admission into the University of San Diego, and that I wish her the best of luck in her bright future. Please begin the letter with something like, To: The Graduate Studies Admissions Counsel. Thank you.

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