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Title: PR Impact Paper

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Essay Instructions: Public relations Impact Paper

Prepare a 1,050-1,750-word paper in which you define Public Relations, and examine the impact of Public Relations on society and your views as an individual.

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Title: Public relations campaign proposal

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Essay Instructions: Public relations campaign proposal:
Plz follow the Required Components below

This assignment is based on the material contained in study modules 7–11. which will be emailed to :


This assignment requires you to submit a proposed public relations campaign for a client of your own choice.

Because this is a foundation course, you will not be in a position to develop and implement a fully researched and planned campaign. However, you will be able to research the client’s situation, develop the objectives of the campaign, identify the relevant target publics, develop campaign strategies and identify the munication tools with which target publics can be reached, strategies implemented, objectives achieved and results evaluated. While this is a campaign proposal, it is important to ensure that the munication tools and tactics are explained in detail, including such information as messages to be used, mediums or channels and timing.

As this is intended to be as ‘true to life’ as possible, the client you choose for this proposed campaign is entirely at your discretion. Many of you might be members of clubs, associations or youth groups which are looking to recruit new members or generally make others more aware of your organisation’s activities. Others may see a particular munication problem or challenge developing within your workplace that could benefit from public relations, or there may be an emerging issue relevant to an organisation or munity with which you are familiar and proper public relations planning may be needed. Whatever the situation, you will need to think of ways of meeting the challenge or overing the problem by setting appropriate goals, developing the public relations strategies and implementing the tactics and tools.

Remember, you do not need to implement the campaign, but to provide remendations on how a campaign could be carried out. That is, you provide a detailed description of how the campaign should be conducted from development to implementation.

In this proposal, you should develop the aim of the campaign and its objectives, identify the relevant target publics, develop campaign strategies and munication tactics, specify the tools to be used, and the methods by which the program will be evaluated. While this is a campaign proposal, it is important to ensure that the munication tools and tactics are explained in detail, including such information as key messages to be included, mediums or channels to be used, and timing.

In the proposal, you must address the following headings:

Problem/opportunity statement – this should reflect the scope of the problem/opportunity to be addressed and the sequence of events which brought about the need for the campaign. Ensure you also provide an accurate and detailed account of your client and what it is you intend to achieve through the campaign (campaign goals).

Research – outline the research you would remend the organisation undertake before embarking on this campaign. What data do you need to design a good campaign in this case? How would you gather this data – what methods would you remend?

Campaign objectives – these should be measurable and specific written in the style suggested by Hendrix from your selected readings.

Target publics – provide a detailed analysis of the various target publics to be reached using the theory and practical methods you have learned.

Communication message – identify the key message/s that will be municated through your campaign.

Strategy – set the strategic approach for the campaign.

Tactics – indicate the tactics (persuasion and influence) you propose for the campaign.

Action plan:

Communication tools – here you should explain which munication tools will be used, why, what messages they will contain, which channels or mediums will they enpass and the outes that you expect to be achieved. It is important that you specify the munication media, activities and channels to be used and do not simply refer to a ‘list’ of generic tools.

Time frame/schedule – provide a detailed calendar identifying the length of time involved and the scheduling of activities over that period of time. Some campaigns run for days, weeks or even months. It entirely depends on the objectives that you set yourself and how they are acplished.

The budget – provide a breakdown of the budget applicable to the proposal, including such aspects as human resources, printing and production costs, media space (print or electronic), venue costs, equipment hire costs, incidental and office expenses and so on. Work within as realistic a framework as possible given the size and capacity of the client and the proposed campaign.

Evaluation – outline the research methods by which the effectiveness of your campaign could be measured.

Appendices – include in the Appendices of your assignment any additional information, draft surveys or questionnaires, publicity or advertising concepts etc.


For a guide to Harvard referencing

Required Components:

Problem statement
Background detail on client provided

Identification of problem/opportunity to be addressed

Impetus for campaign identified

Effective campaign goal(s) developed


Information required to guide campaign effectively identified

Appropriate research methods nominated


Appropriate campaign objectives identified

Objectives written according to Hendrix’s Guidelines


Target Publics
Appropriate target publics identified and described (eg. their relevance to the campaign explained)


Communication message
Effective campaign message/s identified


Appropriate strategy/strategies identified

Clear link to campaign goal(s)


Appropriae tactics developed


Action plan
Appropriate tactics developed

Appropriate tools selected and explained

Detailed schedule/calendar provided

Detailed budget provided


Appropriate evaluation measures and methods identified

Link to measures outlined in objectives provided


(marks included in relevant section.)

Paper presented in appropriate format (line spacing, font, margins, etc.)


Academic demands
Intext referencing provided throughout paper (and in correct format) to indicate where data has been drawn from sources.

Bibliography provided at end of paper and in correct format.


Formal writing style has been developed (e.g. avoiding use of first person expression, slang, colloquialisms)

Correct grammar and spelling

–1 for each error.*

… …./100

1 mark will be deducted for each technical error up to a maximum of 20 errors. Assignments with more than 20 errors will be failed.

There are faxes for this order.

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Title: Corporate Social Responibility

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3095 References: 15 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: (Public Relations and Advertising)
1. This is an individual paper on the impact of a technology covered in the class on an area: advertising, public relations, strategic communications, or marketing. Using research tools and resources, such as online databases and library resources; students produce a high quality paper suitable for a conference submission.

Examples: PR and paid search; Advertising and Tumblr; Product placement in console games.
This paper is designed for you to develop knowledge that will be applied to the group paper. The paper should be about 10 pages long. Marks will be allocated according to the following formula
Organization - 5 pts
Content - 5 pts
Style - 5 pts
Research - 54 pts
Impact - 5 pts

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: You will write a paper of 11 full pages (not including cover page, abstract or references pages) formatted in APA style and covering PUBLIC RELATIONS.
An introductory and conclusion paragraph should be included in your paper.
Twenty-five academic, peer-reviewed articles are required to be utilized in your research paper. There should be a focus and flow that ties all of the research together. As with the Discussion Boards, research should come from journals such as: the Harvard Business Review, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Journal of Management Studies, etc. All articles be no more than five years old.

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