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Title: program Evaluation

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Essay Instructions: Program Evaluation is an active process that should be incorporated before, during, and after a program. Although there are a variety of ways to conduct program evaluations, Caffarella (2002) points out four attributes of a fair program evaluation:

•Utility: an evaluation provides useful information
•Feasibility: evaluation being realistic, cost-effective and politically viable
•Propriety: issues of legality, ethical practice, and regard for the welfare of those involved in the evaluation
•Accuracy: information is accurate and justifies the conclusions drawn, and is focused on accurate standards
, select one attribute and consider how you would defend the significance of the attribute in assuring that program outcomes/learning objectives were met.

write a paragraph describing why you believe the attribute that you selected is significant for assuring that program outcomes/learning objectives were met.

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Title: Program Evaluation Strengths and Limitations

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Essay Instructions: Program Evaluation: Strengths and Limitations
As a human services administrator, you need to determine which program evaluations are most useful. Much depends on the type of organization and the nature of the services being evaluated. Perhaps you need to know if a program is working efficiently or reaching its intended target community. You might consider using a program evaluation to plan for the future of an organization. Not all program evaluations are equal. Some identify problems in the organization that require attention while others may fail to provide useful information. It is important to note strengths and limitations of program evaluations so that you might select evaluations that are most useful.
For this Assignment select one program evaluation from the list provided.
The assignment (2?3 pages):
Describe the program evaluation you selected.
Evaluate the program evaluation, indicating strengths and limitations
Explain whether the program evaluation you selected is robust (in terms of integrity, reliability, validity) and why.
Note: You are not expected to read the entire program evaluation you select. Instead, review the summary or conclusions area to gather the information you need for the assignment.
Support your Assignment with specific references to all resources used in its preparation.

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Title: Program Evaluation

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Essay Instructions: Program Evaluation Paper Part I
Choose a health care delivery or educational program, whether an existing or one in the proposal stage, in your workplace or community. Examples may include a Smoking Cessation or Diabetic Education program. You will use this program throughout this course to plan a program evaluation. Begin your program evaluation plan by preparing a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper with the following:

• Describe the program and explain why you selected it.
• Identify program goals and objectives, if available. If the program does not have existing goals and objectives, determine what you think they should be and explain why. Include a description of the role in the evaluation process.
• Define the steps and phases of program planning and evaluation in relation to your chosen program. If the steps and phases of program planning were not followed for your program, make recommendations as to how they should have been incorporated and provide your rationale.
• Identify stakeholders and analyze their role and inclusion in the evaluation process.
• Explain how data related to the program is or will be tracked.
• Use a minimum of two scholarly references, excluding your textbooks.
• Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

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Title: Evaluation Proposal

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Essay Instructions: Develop a program evaluation proposal based upon the effectiveness and efficiency of Home And Community Based Waiver Services Program in Alaska. The ability of this program to increase the number of elderly and disabled individuals who use this program instead of being institutionalized in nursing homes or hospitals. This evaluation proposal must utilize quantitative and qualitative research methodologies ( use mixed methods ) and include a measure of consumer satisfaction. This should be no longer than 25 pages (double-spaced), excluding the cover sheet and references.

Please use the following format for this proposal:
A- Title Page
B- Problem and Objectives (an overview of the evaluation's goal)
a. Background and need for the evalution
i. Anticipated use of the results of the evaluation
b.Stakeholder involvement.
c. Dissemination plans and anticipated evaluation products.

C. Evaluation question(s) and aims. Identify at least two evaluation questions that could guide program improvement.
a. Operational definations.

D. Literature Review

E. Provisions for human subjects protection and informed consent.

F. Provisions for addressing cultural issues.

G. Design and data collection methods.
a. A description proposed evaluation methodologies
i. Specific qualitative methodology and approach (grounded theory, case study, etc.)
ii . Quantitative methodology (survey, quasi-experimental design, etc.)

b. Sampling(maybe more than one method relating to particular methodologies)
i. Description of setting and proposed participants.

c. Measurement and data collection procedures
i. Data sources (identify at least 2 possible data sources for each evaluation question and provide a rationale for their selection).

ii. Identify both process and outcome measures. (remember one measure must be focused and consumer satisfaction.)

H. Data management and analysis
a. Strategies to maximize reliability and rigor

I. Strengths and limitations of the evaluation plan

J. Schedule
a. Timetable for the evaluation
b. Staffing
c. Description of services to be provided

K. Budget (including personel, equipment, software, supplies, transportation costs, etc.)

a. Spreadsheet with anticipated costs.
b. Budget justification
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