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Title: Managing Out The Public Sector in the Community

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Essay Instructions: Process Analysis (2500 words)

Analyse a process of ‘managing out’ that has been implemented or changed in the Australian public
sector. Your analysis should be presented in one of the following formats:
• submission to an inquiry
• internal report.

Your analysis should cover the following points:
1. The context, including any relevant (but very brief) historical background leading up to the
process being implemented.

2. Process outline, including a brief description of what was actually implemented in terms of
managing out with various parties.

3. The challenges and complexity for management, including but not limited to potential risks or
problems and why there might be local variations in service delivery in what is supposed to be a
coherent and consistent system.

4. Resource implications, including financial, associated with addressing the challenges.

5. Possible management strategies.

Notes for Assistance to Participants

1. Think about what managing out really means. Reflect first on your context, any case studies in
the manual and the topics in the unit. Add a definition.

2. Your document needs to have the scope to cover all five points.

3. You need to demonstrate an ability to cover the appropriate style, content and analysis.

4. When management strategies are developed they need to take into account the availability of
such resources as:
???? key staff with appropriate competencies
???? operating funds
???? capital funds
???? capital equipment
???? office space and fittings
???? telecommunications
???? other related agency needs
???? appropriate policies
???? standard operating procedures.

The existence and extent of these elements determine whether management has properly
designed, sequenced and resourced the strategy.

5. The overall aim is to relate contextual understanding of trends in Australian public policy to a
particular process of managing out and enable you to analyse concrete problems entailed in
managing out and to explore potential solutions.

6. You will need to demonstrate clear understanding of the relationship between the managing out
process and some of the main themes, concepts, problems and resources identified in the unit.

7. You will need to demonstrate ability to apply theoretical and contextual understanding to a
concrete example.

8. Choose a process of managing out that gives you scope to raise the issues. It is not the subject
of the process that is important ??" it is analysing and managing the issues associated with the

9. Think about whether this assignment has any bearing on your Work Based Project.

10. Avoid lengthy descriptions of the process.

11. Ensure you include a covering letter or minute as a first page of your report or submission to an
enquiry, this will be excluded from the word count.

12. You should not use an existing document. This assignment requires you to create the document
and use of an existing document constitutes plagiarism.

13. Your role in the process needs to be made clear in your document to give context.

14. The submission to an inquiry or internal report should contain a number of references to the
academic literature on the topic (text books, journal articles etc.) and you should follow the
reference guidelines in Section 5.10 of this guide and the Style manual for advice on how to
treat these different kinds of documents.

Consideration for Assessors
A pass is attained if the five points (outline, context etc.) are covered. Mere description is
insufficient for more than a pass. The degree of analysis determines Distinction and High Distinction

Higher marks are awarded where the process or case chosen is effectively used to illustrate the
challenges of the managing out process. Higher marks are also awarded where resource
availability is properly analysed rather than just stating that there aren’t enough resources.

More weight should be given to the content which:
???? captures the complexity
???? contains analysis, application and understanding
???? looks deeply into the issues.

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Excerpt From Essay:


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Title: PROCESS IMPROVEMENT Project Identify describe a logistics issue improved organization organization MUST BE WAL MART Identify logistics processes address project Consider candidates scope involved improve select candidate list

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Essay Instructions: PROCESS IMPROVEMENT Project
Identify and describe a logistics issue that could be improved in an organization (organization MUST BE WAL-MART)
Identify at least three logistics processes you might address for your project. Consider your candidates and the scope involved to improve each, then select an appropriate candidate from that list.
It must be APA style.
?Process improvement project?

Activity Possible Points
Identifies at least three potential candidate processes. 10
Describes the costs to the organization should the three processes not be improved. 10
Describes the benefits of each of the three processes to the organization. 10
Describes the priority and timeliness of each process. 10
Describes the scope of each process. 10
Describes the internal and external suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders for each of the three processes. 10
Identifies a single preferred logistics issue process improvement candidate for the project based on scope and time limitations imposed by duration of course. 10

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Excerpt From Essay:


Craig, T. (2011). Five key issues for logistics effectiveness. Retrieved March 25, 2011 from

Kavilanz, P. (2011). Low, low prices: Target beats wal-mart. Retrieved March 25, 2011 from

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Title: Process Unit

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Essay Instructions: Process Unit .Requirements for the Process Unit

•Longman: Read Chapter14 Process Analysis.
•Complete the following reading quiz: Process Analysis.
•Write a 2-page process essay about either of the following topics:

•Write a process explanation of an unpleasant experience you or someone you know has often gone through to conform to others’ standards or physical beauty. For example, dieting or undertaking strenuous exercise. Include a thesis statement that conveys your disapproval of the process. Be sure that throughout the essay, your tone reflects your feelings about the topic.
•After reading the essay “Becoming a Recordaholic” write an essay describing how to become some other type of person. For example, a copycat chef by cooking along with reality tv cooking shows, a workaholic, a helicopter parent, a facebook junkie, a blogger, etc. Be sure that throughout the essay, your tone reflects your feelings about the topic.

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Title: Process Improvement Change Project Presentation The subject patient falls Please include paper Introduction Identification problem process changed patient falls Need change enhancement including driving forces o Regulatory OSHA mandate o Benchmarking o Improved efficiency o Patient satisfaction o Life safety issue Timeline Methodology What change theorist leadership style incorporate Research literature support proposed change process PDAC cycle implementation strategies evaluation process Summary Submit presentation faculty

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  • Document Type: Research Paper
Essay Instructions: Process Improvement and Change Project Presentation

The subject is "patient falls"

Please include in paper:

? Introduction
? Identification of problem or process to be changed(patient falls)
? Need for the change or enhancement, including driving forces such as:

o Regulatory, such as OSHA mandate
o Benchmarking
o Improved efficiency
o Patient satisfaction
o Life safety issue

? Timeline
? Methodology used
? What change theorist and leadership style you would incorporate
? Research literature to support proposed change process
? PDAC cycle, implementation strategies, and evaluation process
? Summary

Submit the presentation to faculty.

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Excerpt From Essay:
Works Cited:

Works Cited

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U.S. Department of Veteran's Affairs

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