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Title: Domestic Policy

Total Pages: 3 Words: 903 References: 2 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: After watching Presidential Debate(3 Oct 2012)...write a paper discussing the debate. Make sure to answer the following questions in your discussion.
- Discuss 2 or 3 issues debated that you found interesting. What did the candidates argue for/against, do you agree or disagree?
- Do you think the Moderator did a good job? Asked fair questions?
- Was there a clear winner? Why do you think there was or was not?
- Was there anything that the candidates left out? Something you would have liked to hear
them discuss?
- Any other thoughts or comments?

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Title: Presidential debate

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Essay Instructions: It will be a reaction paper based on the presidential debate that took place on oct.4 2012. Here is the link for the debate.
This paper is for a public speaking class, so if you can describe the public speaking techniques that they use if you know, it would be fantastic.
I am an international student so please avoid using SAT words and try to be simplistic.
By the way, I only want a one page paper. I ordered 2 pages but I only need one page. Please pay attention to this. Thank you.

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Title: Elections of 2008

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Essay Instructions: PART II— Watch a presidential debate or read a transcript of the debate (Obama Vs. Mccain)
A) Compare and contrast the views of each candidate on any three issues. This can be
done in a chart format. You must include some direct quotes from the debate. You should further research or clarify the candidates positions on the issues by checking
other credible sources.
B) Analyze the impact of the debate. Who "won" the debate? What major issues were raised in the debate. How will the debate help or hurt each candidate?
How did the press (news media) view the debate? Reminder– Include your sources!
PART III– Summarize any three (3) OP-ED articles on the presidential election and/or candidates. (From a columnists)
What is the main idea of each OP-ED? What is the point of view of the author of the OP-ED? How does the author support his/her view? You must include a copy of the OP-ED article with citations.
PART IV— Who do you think will win the election on November 4? What is your prediction for the outcome of the election? You MUST support your answer based on your research and what
you have heard and read.
PART V— Citations - Paper is properly formatted with MLA citations, sources are cited properly and bibliography included
Try not to favor or make it like your favoring mccain or obama except for part four(IV) or when it says who do you think won the debate or wherever you feel is needed.
Please include the actual three op-eds that you used and put it in

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Title: Why do you want to go to Law School

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Essay Instructions: I am having a very hard time coming up with a topic to write about. I have to write why i want to go to law school so to help you write this personal statement i will tell you about myself. Please do not summarize what I have told you into the essay, just use this information as a reference. The essay should clearly indicate my intentions of going to law school doing constitutional law. This essay will be used as a general essay for all law schools that I am applying for so they do not really know who I am other than the picture they have off me from my admissions documents. Feel free to make any story that is heartwarming and relates to my decision of pursuing law school. I undersand that this essay is suppose to be objective so to help you write it I will tell you about my life. I was born in India, my dad is a police officer currently he holds a high position in the indian police. My mom passed away when i was 11 so i moved to new york and lived with my step mom for few years and i dad still lives in india, most of my inspiration comes from my dad. He is a great person, he upholds the law even in a corrupt government as indias. Although he did not guide me to go to law school, i just feel that it is the best thing for me. I have been working ever since i moved to the United States at the age of 12. working from blimpies as a delivery person to a cell phone store, at the age of 16 i decided to open up my own cell phone store with a partner but due to the burden of school i was not able to continue it so i sold my share to my partner only after few months. I had started junior high school when i moved here, it was a tough transition for me, language was new although some words were familiar, culture was different, i didnt know anyone here, no family but eventually i adjusted. In high school i performed average because i did not have much guidance although i had the potential to do better. 1st year of high school i worked at a internet cafe place and also learned to fix computer hardware. I fell in love with a girl in high school and started to get my act together. I worked for a real estate company for few years got my real estate license but wanted to do something better so i started workin in an insurance company, obtained my insurance and financial services licenses at the age of 18. I was promoted to manager after few months working at the insurance job. i also had some management experience at the real estate job i worked in. I have always been fond of the field of law but never thought to pursue it as a career. I took a trip to India while working at the insurance company, this was my first trip back. allot of things had changed, maybe i was seeing the change because i was seeing india with new matured eyes or maybe it actually had changed, i am not sure but there was definitely a difference. i saw the poverty and i saw the rich people with their rich cars and big houses and i saw the small huts on the side of the roads and i saw the restaurants throwing away food and i saw the people starving on the streets, i saw the lack of obedience to authority and i saw the authority taking advantage of the innocents, i saw bribes being given and bribes being taken. I saw allot that i have not been before maybe because i was protected under my dad veil. I think something change inside me then i wanted to do something for the world. I wanted to make it better so my kids dont have to go though it or anyone i care about. I was lacking direction but i knew something had to be done. With my father and my families blessing i came back to US with a new perceptive and enthusiasm to make it reality. I am not sure if i will go back to india or i will stay here pursue my goals, i just know i will. i enrolled my self into a community college and went on with my education in business. I graduated with honors with a associates degree and went on to Hofstra university for by BA in accounting. I am also enrolled in the honors college at hofstra. member of many clubs. i started the sikh student association at hofstra so the sikh community here can gather and help each other. I also decided to get my BA in finance because of my background in insurance and financial services, it was easy for me to understand the concepts. I read allot of economics book which help me get a greater understanding of how the world works. Hofstra held the presidential debate and i was a part of the operations team. I also working for the nassau county independence party office, assisting the chairman. Throughout college i held a fulltime job either at the insurance and financial services office but when i transferred to hofstra i quit that job and opened up a small business that does not interfere with my studies. Currently i am focusing on school and trying to get into a good law school.

In writing this i would stress the trip to india because i think thats where i was really inspired from and from my dad's work. If you feel something else might fit better feel free to do that. he always tells me to "to change something you must become something" meaning to change something i must be at a position to control what i need to change. Please help me with this personal statement. Thank you

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