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Essay Instructions: "Postmodernism" is a controversial and wide-ranging term that is applied to a variety of disciplines, including the studies of art, film, television, and literature. The defininig characteristics of postmodernism are not universally agreed upon, but the following attributes are commonly named: denial of the existence of any ultimate governing principles; skepticism toward explanations or interpretations that claim validity for all groups of people; the uselessness of divisions between "high" and "low" art and culture; the precedence of concrete experience over abstract principles, the ambiguous, unstable, contradictory, inconclusive, indeterminate fragmented, unfinished nature of human experience; and a celebration of pastiche and parody of multipe styles. How does the author( Matthew Henry "The Triumph of Popular Culture:Situation Comedy,Postmodernism, and The Simpsons" use the term when discussing "The Simpsons"? How well do you think it fits? Can you think of any other television series the term could be applied to? What do you think of Postmodernism

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Title: Postmodernism

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Essay Instructions: Write a 1000 word response to the following:

How valid or invalid are postmodernism, Critical Theory, and femeinism to the study of intelligence, counterterrrorism, and protection?
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Essay Instructions: The topic for my essay is "Discuss and analyse a work of art, design or advertising, which illustrates the essential characteristics of modernism or postmodernism." In the essay, need to include at least one visual (a piece of art, an advertisement or a design), and at least two scholarly texts to substantiate your analysis (one journal article and one book, which can be Sturken and Cartwright). For referencing, it must be in Chicago Style Referencing. For the references, do it in Degree style referencing. And, if can, please use simple English language/writing in this essay. Avoid plagiarism as much as possible.

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Title: Postmodernism and Film

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Essay Instructions: Prompt: Post-modernism locates its discourse in a critique of Modernism and proposes a revisionist model of power and desire that may even be post-cinematic. In what ways can you demonstrate that cinema, a Modernist art form throughout its history, has responded to Post-modernism? Be specific with a film such as Beyond the Black Rainbow. Is this film even Post-modernist? What makes it any more Post-modern than, say, films such as Sugar and Spice, Targets, or even a film such as The Mirror?

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I will also be sending in a sample essay, however please be careful to not use any information directly form the sample

i will alos be sending in some articles that would be used in the essay:

Baudrillard, Jean. "The Ecstasy of Communication." The Antiaesthetic: Essays on Postmodern Culture. Ed. Hal Foster. Port Townsend: Bay, 1983. 111-34. Print.

Jameson, Frederic. "Postmodernism and Consumer Society." The Antiaesthetic: Essays on Postmodern Culture. Ed. Hal Foster. Port Townsend: Bay, 1983. 111-34. Print.

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