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Essay Instructions: Hi,

I need a research report about Pixar Animation Studios.

Discussion questions:
1- From a motivational theory perspective, identify and explain factors which contribute to Pixar Animation Studios' management effectiveness?

2- What does Pixar Animation Studios' creativity practices reveal about its empowerment management? Evaluate contribution of empowerment to Pixar ?Animation Studios' success.

3- Using the model of emotions, attitudes and behaviour in exhibit 4.2, assess the attitude and emotions that Pixar seeks to develop with its employees.

Please find attachment with Pixar article and exhibit 4.2 as its required in the question.

Best Regards,

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Title: I assigment Culture Organisation My report Pixar culture analysis All requirerment report format outcomes questions find attached material Thansk

Total Pages: 12 Words: 3287 Sources: 4 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I want you to do for me an assigment about Culture and Organisation.
My report is about Pixar culture analysis
All requirerment about report, such as format, outcomes, questions, etc, you can find it in attached material.

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Essay Instructions: Please be creative with this assignment. CREATIVE IN the way u think and write PLEASE. Do the assignment unauthentically. Make the reader feel YOU ACTUALLY "CARED" about the assignment. Do as much preparation and THINKING before writing it please. Talk about actual experience, what's your insight on it, if you disagree, mention why YOU DISAGREE. There isn't a solid way. It's all about CREATIVITY and the way you think. & showing the reader that u actually cared.

The assignment is as follows " Write two pages 11 point Ariel, double spaced on TOP THREE learning's from the PIXAR case" I will be attaching it to the order. Please be clear, specific, and interesting. I wouldn't have order this order if it isn't EXTREMELY important for me. Don't make me down and try to put some time and effort to it please!
Thank you

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Essay Instructions: Based on the case ?The Walt Disney Company and Pixar Inc.: To Acquire or Not to Acquire?', elaborate a
1,500 to 1,800 words (exhibits excluded) opportunity study. Your paper should answer following
critical questions:

1. Analysis and Re-Design: How should Disney best integrate Pixar? in terms of organization, technology, and process ? in order to over perform competitors in the animation market? Evaluate the opportunity of Pixar acquisition in terms of potential customers and expected gains. What are the rationales for proceeding, or not?

2. Constraints and risks: What are the risks related to Pixar acquisition on an institutional, commercial, technological, economic, financial/budgetary, environmental, gender and social, political level? Express the constraints related to the project in terms of budget, regulations, timeline, results and methodology.

3. Market Opportunity and Recommendations: Provide an analysis of the initial Disney market situation in the animation market. Which alternative acquisitions would you recommend in order to boost the Disney company technological leadership in the field of animation? Justify your answer.

I understand that this topic has been extensively researched and asked to write about. Therefore I would like to ask you that my request should not be a duplicate from any other paper you had been asked to write about for the same topic or even quoted from.
Thank you in advance.

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