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Title: The history of ultrasound of physics and the properties of the transducer

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1428 Sources: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: It should be on the history of ultrasound physics and the properties of the transducer. It should be cited and 3pages and doubled spaced. Also an abstract on a separate blank paper and should have a reference paper . Also a bibliography and in APA format please.

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Essay Instructions: Topic is Physics of Swimming. Streamlining and how "drag" effects a swimmer performance speed. Key words to be used are Friction between a solid and a fluid. Viscosity - density of liquid. Drag forces Impulse related momentum. I did trials with a swimmer starting with a suit, then suit and cap (hair creates drag), then added a piece of clothing to the swimmer in each trial to show how the weight, drag slows the swimmer down. The water is dense and creates it's own drag as it is. Swimmers train with "drag suits" and there is no shaving as body hair creates drag as well. I used Newtons law of Meters per second to stop. I had the swimmer push off the wall and timed them to the flag which is 5 meters from the push off the wall. I am attaching my chart for reference.

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Title: research paper

Total Pages: 7 Words: 2313 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Pick a topic to research that falls within the general area called "Modern Physics". Make sure what you decide falls within this area, for god's sakes. There would be nothing more catastrophic if you decide to do research on a topic that is outside the general area known today as "Modern Physics". Please make your topic be in that area. The title of your paper should be "The Physics of ________" and you fill in the blank based on the culmination of your research (based on your topic).

In the research paper, you should pick at least one equation dealing with your topic and focus in on it. Show how the UNITS work in the equation. Tell what each variable stands for. Substitute in reasonable numerical values for the variables and solve the equation for a variable that seems the most important to know. Graph the equation using the Excel spreadsheet program or some other similar software program. For graphing, you usually have two variables, right? (x and y) If your equation has more than two variables, identify what variables are held constant for your graph and state clearly their values. The ones you should hold constant obviously should be the ones that are generally or always the same usually. Explain your graph in words. INCLUDE THE GRAPH IN THE MAIN BODY OF YOUR PAPER IN A LOGICAL MANNER. DON'T JUST PUT IT IN THE BACK.

Your paper must be typed in English research paper format. It must contain a description of the physics involved, the chosen equation, realistic sample data for the equation, an explanation of the equation, and at least 3 references in a bibliography (ONE OF WHICH MUST NOT BE AN INTERNET REFERENCE).

Your paper must have a creative 2D cover encouraging people to look inside. (This is not included as one of the 7 pages). For this, either you can scan something in, or do some computer art. I trust your creative ability!

Your paper MUST INCLUDE relevant biographical AND historical information related to the topic. (Every equation, topic, etc. has been researched by somebody or is associated with somebody). Make sure you get the biographical and the historical info included in the paper.

Your paper MUST INCLUDE IN THE END both a personal statement describing what you went through to produce the paper and your thoughts concerning the value of this exercise.


And also do not have subtitles or different little headings for each section of the paper. It should all just flow. The only title we should see is the initial one, "The Physics of ________". Okay, that's about it. I need it by December 30, 2004.

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Title: Understanding the Northern Lights

Total Pages: 2 Words: 809 Bibliography: 3 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The paper is on: "Aurora Borealis (Northern lights):
In the Polar Regions we may find a beautiful set of lights in the sky. In the north it is called Northern lights (Aurora Borealis) and in the south it is called Southern lights (Aurora Australis). The beautiful display of light is due to the collision of charged particles created in the sun with the atoms of earth's atmosphere. The color of these lights is determined by the gas in with which they collide.

Instructions: As a culminating activity, you will write a brief paper on an object or system of your choice. The goal of the paper is to analyze the object or system from a physics perspective using the concepts that you learned throughout the term. I encourage you to bring detailed quantitative analysis to your work. Choose something that you are interested in and have fun looking at it through the lens of physics!

•Length 2-3 pages double spaced
•Must incorporate topics we learned in Physics II
•Must have at least three properly cited external references.
•Must have clear connections between your discussion/analysis and the external references.
•Wikipedia cannot be used as an external reference.
•Credible references include academic, scientific, or industrial publications, journals, and websites.
•Remember, the goal of the paper is to demonstrate your ability to use course concepts and integrate credible external references into your work.
•Please submit your paper in MS Word format
•Make sure that there are qualitative and quantitative connections to material from Physics II. This also means formulas that demonstrate the concept.
•This paper will be checked for plagiarism

Chapters Covered:16 thru 28

16 Temperature and Heat
17 Phases and Phase Changes
18 The Laws of Thermodynamics
19 Electric Charges, forces, and Fields
20 Electric Potential and Electric Potential Energy
21 Electric Current and Direct-Current Circuits
22 Magnetism
23 Magnetic Flux and Faraday's Law of Induction
24 Alternating Current Circuits
25 Electromagnetic Waves
26 Geometrical Optics
27 Optical instruments
28 Physical Optics: Interference and Diffraction

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