Physics of Swimming

Streamlining "drag" effects a swimmer performance speed. Key words Friction a solid a fluid. Viscosity - density liquid. Drag forces Impulse related momentum. I trials a swimmer starting a suit, suit cap (hair creates drag), added a piece clothing swimmer trial show weight, drag slows swimmer .

Physics of Swimming

The physics of swimming

The density of water is 1000 times higher than density of air. Therefore, water is more resistant than air. Buoyancy is the force which acts on the swimmer upwardly, this is because pressure increases with water depth Toussaint, Hollander, van der Berg, & Vorontsov, 2000()

The weight of the water needs to be less or equal to the buoyant force in order for an object to float and therefore, the more buoyant a swimmer is the more advantageous he is.

For a swimmer to float, the pressure under him should be greater than...
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