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Title: motivation of becoming a Physician Assistant

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Essay Instructions: I lost my Mom in 1995 due to medical malpractise and that started my interest in the medical field.
In 1999, I met with a PA during my annual check up and that just made me to be interested in being a Physician Assistant.
I will love to practice in rural areas because that is where Medical Doctors are lacking and i will not want what happened to my Mom to happen to anybody else.
Finally, i will be building a bridge to Africa by introducing Physician Assistant to be practise; As you know, third world countries lack medical doctors and people are dying everyday as a result of not being attended to on time.

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Title: Physician assistant acceptance

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Essay Instructions: Srare your reasons for wanting to become a physcian assistant. Discuss your motivation for a career in health care and your plans following graduation from thw PA program. Discuss any special interesy you have in the Emory Physician Assistant program.

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Title: Motivation or Desire to Become a Physician Assistant

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Essay Instructions: I would like you to include the following information:
That I am a Foreign Medical Graduate, Graduated from Medical School with honors for achieving the highest GPA (the Medical School is located in Mexico and is listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools) in 1993 or 15 years ago. I performed altruistic work as a volunteer at the Red Cross in Mexico where I offered my services as a voluteer for a period of 2 years, and at Hospital Ejidal in Reynosa, Mexico for a period of 3 years. After graduation I had the chance to practice medicine in Mexico and later moved to Nicaragua where I practiced from 1998 to 2006 at a private practice office. In 2006 left Nicaragua to relocate to the United States and have been living in Pharr, Texas, located in the Texas Rio Grande Valley since then, and that I speak both English and Spanish languages fluently. I would also like to put emphasis in mentioning that one of my reasons for becoming a Physician Assistant is because I enjoy helping people in need and because I want to serve the Texas Rio Grande Valley area.

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Title: My Response Physician Assistant

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Essay Instructions: I need to answer this question . . .

With your personal life experiences, interests, talents, academic background and training, as an alumna of the Mercy College Physician Assistant Program, how would you advance the PAs mission of providing quality, cost effective, accessible health care especially to underserved patients in New York City and Hudson Valley?

I've included a file with a detailed description of some of my personal experiences and some research on the topics I want to discuss.

I've also included the other required essay that I have already submitted to the school, so you have an idea of what I've already mentioned to them.

I was hoping to create a well rounded essay and I know what I want to say, but I'm having trouble organizing it.

I specified 500 words below, but it can be between 400 and 500.

I can be reached at if you need more information or details.

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