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The stamina and emotional fortitude which are demanded of the medical professional are not virtues afforded to everybody. But in addition to learning crucial procedures and principles requisite to the work, I have had the chance to learn a great deal about myself. In my work as a medical volunteer, I have developed a patience and objectivity which have both been vital to my success.

Following my graduation and the completion of this volunteer work, I began my endeavor to engage in international medical services, first practicing independently in Mexico before making the leap to Nicaragua. From 1998 to 2006, I conduced my practice in a private office, developing into a seasoned and versatile physician. The bevy of conditions, scenarios and illnesses with which I have come into contact have helped to whittle away the uncertainty that comes with one's first years in practice.

This would also provide me with the knowledge and experience necessary to contribute to the needs of American patients.
Thus, in 2006, I would make the significant move from Nicaragua to Pharr, Texas in the Rio Grande Valley. As a veteran of the field and a fluent speaker of both English and Spanish, I have the capacity to be a deeply beneficial to the patients of this region.

To this point, I gain great joy out of being able to help people. Providing critical health services to the people of the Rio Grande Valley area is my opportunity to contribute to my new country even as I use this and all experiences ahead of me to build my own professional body of knowledge. I look forward to working as a physician's assistant with this reputable practice, where I believe that such a relationship would be mutually beneficial and, most importantly, would serve to benefit the people of….....

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