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Title: Martha Rosler

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Essay Instructions: > In recent years the U.S. artist Martha Rosler have used photography to catalogue and characterize various spaces and experiences of 20th century life. Rosler, for example, has produced photographic series representing international airports("In the Place of the Public"1998) and the decaying
highway network around NYC("Rights of Passage"1997). Her works are small scale, "strait" photographs, often shot on the move, and in the case of "Rights of Passage," from inside her car. Though can be exhibited as pictures in galleris, they also are published as inexpensive artist''s
Write an essay that analyzes how your artist conjures an experience of the late 20th century world. What is the significance of the sites that are shown? Why are they chosen? How is photo graphy used to depict them?
What kind of visual experience is on offer? How does that experience sit with your sense of the promises and betrayls, successes and failures, of our late-century world? In answering these questions, you will need to do more than to consider the artist''s project in a general way(though
certainly trying to come to grips with her intensions is essential). To make your points, however, you will need to provide detailed discussion of at least three(and no more than 5) particular photographs. Your discussion should attend carefully to all aspects of the photograph: from
viewpoint and camera angle to the spatial experience depicted(its depth, detail, color, effects of light/dark/brilliance/reflection): how do all these
visual moves offer a view--and attitude, a stance--toward the world they show?

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Title: Business Development and Sales Benchmarking for Brand Image photographic studio

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Essay Instructions: Request for Serban!

Note to Serban:
Regarding Task 1, the research topic is already identified and some of the objectives are roughly written (see p 4-7). I need your help in elaborating further following the instructions below. Please kindly note, the second part of this task, which is the actual research, ought to be written once the research proposal has been approved. Therefore, please don’t quote on Task 1 part 2 yet and concentrate only on Task 1 part 1 for this time being. I will let you know re part 2 shortly.
Many Thanks!
TASK 1 ( PART 1) :
? Produce a detailed research proposal

? Clearly state your hypothesis or research question.

? Show the aim or aims of your research, which should be clearly linked to your hypothesis or research question.

? Contain the objectives of your research. These should be clearly follow on from your aims.

? Clearly explain the rationale (or reasons) for your research. This research rationale should show how the proposed research will aid your professional development. It should also be clearly linked to the initial background research summary.

? Contain a short analytical and well-referenced summary of your initial background research, with evidence of independent research using a wide range of sources of information.

? Explain the methodology that you plan to use for the primary research. Relevant ethical issues and resource requirements should be included.

? Contain a well-reasoned discussion justifying the methodology chosen for your research. This should demonstrate that the most suitable methodology for researching your hypothesis or research question has been chosen. It should also include a discussion about the advantages and disadvantages of your chosen research methods, compared to other possible methods.

? Have the research plan appended – including target dates, methods for monitoring, and contingency planning. The research plan should demonstrate evidence of thorough planning and good management of time and other resources and that what you plan to do is achievable within the time and other constraints.

? Have a bibliography appended – Harvard referencing style

TASK 1 (PART 2) – please ignore it for this time being
Carry out secondary and primary research into the approved research project, following the methodology agreed in your research proposal and plan.

Analyse the research results, draw conclusions, make recommendations and evaluate the methodology used in this assignment.

Write a 5,000 word research report, following the structure given below.

Structure of the Written Research Report

? Abstract – a summary of the report including key findings.
? Contents page – all sections and pages numbered consecutively, including appendices
? Acknowledgements – supervisor, people providing research data, & others who helped – PLEASE IGNORE

? Introduction – including aims and objectives, hypothesis, rationale and background.

? Literature review – written analytically and well-referenced.

? Methodology – include evaluation of the primary research methodology – e.g. what, why and problems encountered. Explain how you selected your research sample, the conduct & evaluation of the pilot study and how you ensured that you conducted research ethically

? Results of primary research – quantitative results in tables, charts, graphs and diagrams with comments and qualitative results appropriately summarised and interpreted.

? Analysis & discussion – explaining results, linking primary with secondary research.

? Conclusion – summary of key findings, based clearly on the results and linking back to the aims of the research.
? Recommendations – for future research and practical action, with justification.
? Evaluation – critical reflection and analysis of strengths and weaknesses of all aspects of the product and the process of the research project, including planning, objectives, difficulties and how this research has benefited your professional development.

Please note, this is research proposal, the title is: Business Development and Sales Benchmarking for "Brand Image" photographic studio

The actual research is part 2 of the work, however the proposal must be approved first. So we are working on the proposal only for this time being.

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Title: George Eastman History of Kodak and Rolled Photographic Film

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1879 Bibliography: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: George Eastman - History of Kodak and Rolled Photographic Film

Include a biographical sketch of key people in George Eastman’s life. Consider how important individuals like Henry Reinhenbach and William Walker were in Eastman’s development process. How much did Eastman depend on their discoveries?

Must have at least 6 "published" sources.All sources must be listed using MLA style citations. Writing must demonstrate sufficient organization with a clear thesis and supporting detail.

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Title: Dignity of Work and the rights of workers

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2522 Sources: 8 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The paper has to relate in detail how a particular photographer's work is relevant to SOCIAL JUSTICE.
It should NOT be a biographical recounting of the photographer's life and work ONLY.
It must deal with how the photographic work serves social justice.

The paper topic is DIGNITY OF WORK AND THE RIGHTS OF WORKERS, so discuss SEBASTIAO SALGADO'S images and social intent in his book "workers". Consider his desire to use these photographs as a tribute and thanks to blue collar workers, as well as to depict labor inequities.

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