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Title: Business Communication Philosophy of business communication

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Essay Instructions: Philosophy of Business Communication
Have you considered your philosophy of successful communication in a professional business environment? What do you believe are the most important elements of the communication process in organizations? Why? What can you do to help yourself and others in your organization become successful business communicators? Considering these questions should help you determine the content and organization of your next assignment, which is to develop a brief philosophy of communication that identifies the basic elements you consider essential to successful business communication.

Your underlying task in this assignment is to demonstrate to me that you understand the concepts of communication taught in this course and can apply them to a system of thought about the value and organization of successful communication in a professional business environment.

To do this, you will need to briefly define and explain what a philosophy is and use appropriate communication terminology in your development and presentation of a short research paper that answers the above questions.

You should start with the text, but do a little additional research--at least three other sources. Cite these sources in your text using APA style. At least 1 source must be a journal or periodical.

Two cautions: First, this is an academic assignment; do not use direct address. Second, it is a topic appropriate for a master’s thesis, so don’t get carried away and try to do it all at once. Pick two or three items you think are essential and develop them in detail, with examples and explanation. Use formal research paper style.

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Title: philosopy Cicero

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Essay Instructions: Philosophy Paper: A summary of Cicero''s " Practical Code of Behavior" on pg 157-209 in Selected Works (Penguin classics)
(ISBN 0 14) translated by Michael Grant
This summary should cover the following questions on Cicero''s "Practical Code":

1) Cicero writes his "Practical Code" in the form of a letter to his son, Marcus. This is a literary device: in fact Cicero intends that the work should have a wide audience.What sort of people is he adressing, and what does he aim to do for them?

2) What does Cicero mean by the " Natural Law"

3) Why does Cicero say, and what does he mean in saying, that there is a " natural bond of community between all human beings"

4) Why does Cicero regard the Natural Law as " the whole foundation of the human community"?

5) Explain Cicero''s distinction between the civil law and the universal (or natural). Does he think we fully know the universal(or natural) law?

6) According to Cicero, what are the attributes of a morally good person?

7) Why does Cicero think that immorality can never be personally advantageous? Why does he think that morally right actions are always personally advantageous?( Note carefully what Cicero says about "defredation"(171)and "degeneracy of the soul" (201)
8) What points does Cicero make in connection with the story of Pythius and Canius?

9)What points does Cicero make in connection with the story of Regulus?

Thanks....:) Any questions please e-mail me

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Title: Philosophy of Management

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Essay Instructions: Philosophy of management paper. Write an overview of the paper and thesis statement. Underline the thesis statement. Articulate your stance on the three branches of philosophy - epistemology, ontology, axiology. Use the following questions to frame the remainder of the paper . What are your beliefs about? Ex. Self: Work-ethic, integrity, honesty, value to the organization, ability, diversity, leadership, organizational structure.
Suppliers (the individuals and organizations that would assist you in meeting the mission of your organization).
Community (where the organization is physically located).
Other constituents/partners.

What is your sense of management?

What is your sense of being management?

What is your sense of right and wrong?

What do you value?

Conclusion: Write a paragraph summarizing your responses.

The paper needs to be clear and focused. It has to hold the reader’s attention and have relevant anecdotes and details enrich the central theme. The paper needs to speak directly to the reader in a way that is individual, compelling, and engaging. The paper needs to be written with an awareness and respect for the audience and the purpose for writing. Form and presentation of the text enhances the ability for the reader to understand and connect the message and is pleasing to the eye.

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Title: Philosophy of nursing

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Essay Instructions: Philosophy of Nursing Assignment

Due by 11:55 PM, Sunday, September 12th.

Submit as a Word document saving the Word document as Last name_Philosophy e.g. Skarbek_Philosophy. 1 point will be deducted for documents not saved in this manner.

Save a copy of this document as you will be modifying your Philosophy statement submission to your N486 student portfolio.

Read what does a philosophy of nursing represent in Kearney-Nunnery, Chapter 1. Develop a scholarly, comprehensive Philosophy of Nursing personal statement, incorporating the following components of nursing's metaparadigm (nurse, person, environment, health) as defined in Kearney-Nunnery chapter . You are to articulate your philosophical views about nursing in regards to your beliefs, assumptions and values as t hey relate to each of the components of the nursing metaparadigm.

In your philosophy statement, faculty must clearly see reference to each component of the nursing metaparadigm or points will be deducted for each missing concept.

Papers should be between 5-10 pages in length and should not contain any intext or bibliographic references as this is an opinion statement.

Adhere to proper grammar and punctuation rules.

Grading Criteria (20 points)

4 metaparadigm concepts: 4 points each = 16 points

Grammar, punctuation: 4 points

I will fax the pages from my text book tomorrow that mention the mataparadigm and the philosophy of nursing.

The only personal information that I have is that I am a new nurse. I have only practiced for 6 months. I am not working at this time just going to school full time. I am in the RN to BSN program.
There are faxes for this order.

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