Gaining the ability to sense and capitalize on these shifts in managerial philosophies over time is directly proportional to the ability of any organization to remain competitive over time (Chang, 2008).

Participating in the Shift in Management Philosophies

The evolution in management philosophies today is forcing a major shift in how companies are competing globally (Polsfuss, Ardichvili, 2008), shifting from being authoritarian and more focused on how to enable collaboration and growth. The predominant focus on how to create corporate cultures that are resilient and capable of withstanding the many risks and difficult economic conditions of the global economy today is more important than having a purely ontologically-based organizational culture. Management is responsible for creating the necessary frameworks, norms, values and expectations that define the entire organizational culture. For management today this stewardship is especially critical, as organizations are struggling with how they can become more agile and capable of...
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