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Title: Corporate Bail out and the current economic situation

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1500 Sources: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Below are the instructions for this essay. Please include a reference page with at least 3 references and use in-text citations. Also, use quotations throughout the Essay. This type of paper needs to be a Research Position Essay. I will be including several articles for which to choose from. Please choose which you think are the most relevant. The topic of this paper should surround the area of the bailouts that the government has issued to many family corporations including credit card companies to clean up bad debt. What has these bailouts done to help the economy and are the consumers effected by it? Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Please incorporate the below into this Essay.

Composition II??"Essay #1??"Researched Position Essay

Length: 4-6 pages, not including title and reference pages (1000-1500 words)

This assignment invites students to compose a persuasive essay examining a narrowly defined, academic, beneficial, and credible topic within the ten subject areas listed below. The essay should build on one’s efforts at analysis and writing during the course, concepts learned in Chapter One of Writing, and by using the Library’s resources like the “Topic” handouts and explanations. In line with the material discussed in class, the argumentative research paper invites you to establish your main persuasive claim (thesis), analyze the salient features of an issue, and develop your position on an issue using relevant and sufficient supporting evidence. The successful essay will begin to develop a “two-sided” persuasive approach discussing and supporting a defensible claim (thesis) about a controversial, but not over-wrought, subject??"something about which there is substantive and rational disagreement.

Useful in developing such an essay would be to examine initially one’s own experiences, beliefs, attitudes and values; similarly, one might, through significant reading, uncover a contradiction or argue against popular opinion. Effectively persuasive essays invariably consider counterclaims and opposing arguments, and if presented sensitively, help establish the author’s ethos. This essay challenges you to persuade the uncommitted by confidently presenting and critiquing opposing claims and evidence while convincingly presenting one’s own thoughts. Perhaps the most important element for this essay is that the topic intrigues and concerns the writer??"that it’s something the writer cares about.

? Specific Requirements: Including the standards found on the “Rubric for Writing Assessment” included below, and elements of effective persuasive essays discussed this quarter, and the textbook suggestions elaborated during the course, the research paper should be four to six pages in length, not including a Title and References pages. Additionally, the essay should incorporate quotations, summaries, and paraphrases using introductory phrasing and document sources in the text according to APA The Easy Way! At least five different sources must be used with not more than one deriving from the Internet. Information gained from reference sources, such as an encyclopedia, (e.g. or a dictionary will not count as a legitimate source.

? Introductions: Catch the reader’s interest in the introduction by providing a short anecdote relevant to the paper; a revealing problem your research unveiled; a difficult question; a telling quotation; a misconception or stereotype that needs correction.

? Conclusions: Make the essay’s conclusions helpful and memorable for the reader. Remember to save something engaging or provocative for the end.

? Content: The essay will help you learn to construct an arguable claim, identify reasons and evidence, which are both relevant and sufficient, and to consider and respond to other writers’ positions. You will also begin to consider the rhetorical appeals of logos, ethos, and pathos as the means of making arguments.

? Audience: Try to ignore any negative preconceptions about writing a research paper. If the topic has been chosen with care and interest, this will focus one’s efforts and the ethos will be persuasively communicated to the reader. Consider the audience to be classmates or family but not necessarily your instructor. Although the essay will be academic in nature, try to use a semi-formal tone. Please try not to be dry or boring as one might imagine an “academic voice.” Work to make the paper interesting for the writer and for readers. In other words, envision that the essay teaches the reader something while also attempting to guide the reader toward accepting a particular viewpoint toward the topic.

? Rhetorical Strategies: Try to apply persuasive writing strategies learned this quarter. In addition to using convincing reasons and articulating a definite position, does the essay stir a reader’s emotions? Is the train of thought rigorous? Can you appeal to your reader's morals or ethics? Does the essay show readers that the writer??"oneself as a researcher??"is careful, responsible, and fair-minded with the presentation of information? Does the essay accurately represent competing ideas and claims fairly and accurately? Does the essay conform to conventions of written English in terms of grammar, mechanics, usage, and formatting?

? Sources: The more authoritative sources used, the more convincing the research is; the fewer and less credible the sources used, the less persuasive the writing is. Choose sources from a variety of publications like journals, magazine articles, books, databases, newspapers, government documents, and the Internet. Moreover, sources should be relatively recent, within the last five years unless you need to present a history of the topic as part of your argument. Question and challenge a source’s credibility by examining credentials, assumptions, affiliations, and implications, which could be used in the paper’s discussion.

? Quotations: Use phrases to introduce or contextualize writers or authorities. Discuss quotations that are not perfectly obvious in their meaning to integrate them smoothly into the writing and to avoid stringing them together.

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Title: Capital Punishment Benefits of the Death Penalty

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1174 References: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: **My directions**

Write a persuasive essay on Capital Punishment--Benefits of the Death Penalty. (paper on the pro side--for the death penalty)
The essay should be about 1,000-1,200 words (approximately four or five pages). Let Thesis Builder help you get started:
Be sure that you address and refute an opposing viewpoint.
This essay requires 6 library database research sources and at least 2 other credible sources (.gov, .edu, or .org sites are okay).
MLA style is mandatory.
Read more about Persuasive Essays at this link:

Write a persuasive essay on Capital Punishment--Benefits of the Death Penalty. (paper on the pro side--for the death penalty)
The essay should be about 1,000-1,200 words (approximately four or five pages). Let Thesis Builder help you get started:
Be sure that you address and refute an opposing viewpoint.
This essay requires 6 library database research sources and at least 2 other credible sources (.gov, .edu, or .org sites are okay).
MLA style is mandatory.
Read more about Persuasive Essays at this link:

Excerpt From Essay:

Essay Instructions: Assignment: Effective Persuasion

? Resources: Real Essays With Readings and ERRs

? Choose 1 of the 4 persuasive essays in Ch. 51.

? Read the essay and write a paragraph of approximately 200 words in which you discuss how effectively the author persuaded you.

? Write a second paragraph in which you discuss how effectively you think your essay will persuade your readers and whether you believe it may be interpreted as biased. This paragraph should not exceed 300 words.

? Post the final draft of your assignment (two paragraphs) as an attachment to your Assignments link. Be sure to use Write Point when revising!

One paragraph addresses one of the essays in Chapter 51and discusses how effectively the author persuaded you and why, according to the four basics identified in Chapter 18.

One paragraph addresses how effectively your essay will persuade your readers and whether or not your essay is biased, according to Chapter 18 (note logical fallacies listed).

The attachement has the paragraphs.

I am mexican so my english is not perfect. Please try not to write so perfect.

If oyu have any questions please let me know.


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Title: Strong Opinion Essay Three Mile Island and the Billion Dollar Memo by C W Griffin

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1287 Bibliography: 2 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Note: (Quotes are fine, but keep it reasonable)

An opinion essay is a composition that presents the writer's individual ideas about a certain subject and then attempts to explain or defend those ideas against those who have differing opinions. Opinion essays therefore have two purposes: to inform the reader about the writer's opinion, and to persuade the reader of the validity or even the superiority of that opinion. Because opinion essays have these two aims, they should not be considered to fall in the genre of expository (or informative) essays. Though much of an opinion essay will be focused on informing the reader, the real purpose of presenting an opinion in an essay is to persuade the reader of why that opinion is a good one, or even why that opinion is a better one than another opinion. Therefore, opinion essays are more like persuasive essays than they are like expository essays.

Because opinions are personal and subjective, one of the primary tasks of an opinion essay writer is to make the writer's opinion seem grounded in more than just subjectivity. This will lend both the writer and the opinion credibility. For instance, if the opinion essay is on the writer's belief that home schooling is inferior to regular schooling, the writer would need to give reasons for his opinion other than his personal beliefs or anecdotal experience. Perhaps the writer was home schooled, and had a negative experience. This personal information would be good to include, because it would suggest the writer's intimate knowledge of the advantages and disadvantages of home schooling, but it would not be enough to persuade readers who believe home schooling is better than regular schooling. Those readers have their own strong opinions. The writer would need to persuade those readers by including authoritative information from outside sources, such as education researchers. This way, the opinion essay would be more than a personal rant, and would engage with the outside world.

Opinion essays should always indicate why the writer of the essay has the opinion he or she does. This is part of the credibility process. If the reader does not know why the writer of the home schooling essay has such a strong opinion about home schooling, the reader may assume that the writer owns a school and is trying to persuade parents that would have home schooled their children that instead they should enroll their children in a school like the one the writer owns. Therefore, though the opinion essay should never focus exclusively on the writer's own experiences and ideas without incorporating the ideas of others, the opinion must always be contextualized in the writer's life so that the reader understands the reasons for the writer's opinion.

Opinion essays should also always strive to address opinions that are contrary to the ones they express. This should be done in a gracious but firm manner. Acknowledging the reasons why others hold their own opinions demonstrates that the writer understands the broader picture and is aware that others disagree with him and, more importantly, is aware why.

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