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Instructions for Personal Strengths And Weaknesses College Essay Examples

Essay Instructions: Imagine the company you work for is expanding and restructing.

-You are provided the opportunity to determine the position that best suits you, meaning you are able to define your role so that you will most benefit the company and be most successful.

Write a paper that describes your leadership style model

Identify strengths and weakneses of your leadership style by applying what you learned about yourself through self-assessments.

Your personal strengths and weaknesses must be included

Compare and contrast leadership theories in the textbooks to better understand relavant theories applicalble to your leadership approach

? Use ONLY present tense! NO PAST TENSE otherwise a re-write will be requested.
? Use 100% proper citations?quote proper page and full source
? Use page numbers and paragraphs when citing within paragraphs
? Use page numbers for each reference on the reference page
? Use sub titles to explain each point above
? Use 2010 APA format

Use The strategy process, organizational behavior and leadership in organizations as a source; availble in the univ of phoenix webiste. QUOTE THIS SORCE PROPERLY.

To access the site: Click eCampus login

thecardsender is user name; shakti44 is password

program; look for LDR531 schedule; use the source indicated; take the assessment in week 2? I think.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Personal Leadership Audit Personal Goals and an Action Plan Reflective Learning Summary

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1260 References: 5 Citation Style: Harvard Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Assignment “LEADERSHIP”

Complete both parts below:

PART 1 (700 words): Undertake a Personal Leadership Audit and develop a set of Personal Goals and an Action Plan related to your leadership challenges . This should include identifying:
(i) The main leadership challenges/ demands that will be placed on you in your role in the next year
(ii) Your personal strengths and weaknesses in relation to (i)
(iii) The leadership competencies/ behaviours that you most need to develop to face up to these challenges
(iv) An outline of how you will go about developing the above (iii)

PART 2 (300 words): Write a brief Reflective Learning Summary highlighting the key points for you from the elective.
Assignment guidelines

you should be thoughtful, questioning, logical and reflective, with insights appropriate to you, as you have portrayed yourself. The following should be evident in Part a:

* The main leadership challenges for the next year clearly articulated.
* Personal strengths and weaknesses clearly identified. You should make reference to the informal any assessment questionnaires you may have done on your leadership attributes, which make the self-analysis more objective.
* Logical deduction of what development action is needed relevant to the challenges.
* A sensible personal development outline/ action plan.

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Title: Developing Yourself and an Effective Team

Total Pages: 8 Words: 2159 Works Cited: 8 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This is a two part question, each limited to a maximum of 1500 words.

The first is to write a critical reflection of my personal development and Growth with the Royal Air Force with a view to broadening my knowledge and skills to be a more effective manager by undertaking a personal SWOT analysis. Accepted Learning Styles Theories should be used to explain how I will apply that knowledge to maximise strengths and opportunities and minimise weaknesses and threats in my future self development. Useful tools that have been suggested are learning styles 'lens' workshop materials (styles in which people learn, I am physical) and to cognitive learning style (Honey and Mumford).

My idea as an introductory text is:

"This assignment will critically reflect on my personal development and growth over the course of my 15 years service with the Royal Air Force. I will examine the extent and depth of my acquired skills by undertaking an analysis of my strengths and weaknesses with a view to identifying potential opportunities to exploit and threats to avoid or mitigate against. The ultimate aim is to provide a vehicle by which to broaden my skills and identify the means to become a more effective manager. Appropriate and recognised mechanisms will be used to asses my preferred learning styles with a view to identifying the most effective means to maximise my future potential for self development.
The analysis of one’s strengths can be undertaken by utilising a wide range of classically accepted academic tools such as SWOT analysis, BELBIN, TRUKMEN...etc or indeed by feedback from peers and colleagues. Members of the Royal Air Force receive annual assessments based on 10 key performance indicators. This, combined with six-monthly midterm appraisals, allows regular opportunities to adjust ones approach to development according to identified areas of weakness."

I will probably edit the written piece to personalise it to my career, I have included a brief synopsis of my career and will provide you with any requested detail as needed. The paper needs to express a growing awareness of my personal strengths and weaknesses. Two personal experiences will be forwarded for inclusion and analysis.

The second is more straightforwards...

Apply current knowledge and learning, analyse, evaluate and discuss how you would develop an effective team with successful internal and external communication processes.

Career History

16 January 1996 ??" Attestation to RAF as enlisted airman
17 January 1996 ??" 5 March 1996 ??" Elementary Training
Mar 96 ??" Dec 96 ??" Initial Trade Training (Avionics)
Dec 96 ??" Jun98 ??" 15 Sqn RAF Lossiemouth (Line Technician)
Jun 08 ??"Dec 99 ??" Further Technical Training (Junior Technician rank attained)
Dec 99 ??" Jun 00??" Radar Bay RAF Lossiemouth
Jun 00 ??" Nov 00 ??" Initial Officer Training
Jan 01 ??" Aug 04 ??" Flying Training (Rotary and Fixed Wing - Did not graduate - Unable to navigate to the required standard)
Oct 04 - Dec 04 - Provost Officer Training
Jan 05 - Oct 05 - Tactical Provost Wing (Flight Commander) ??" 8 months
Oct 05 - Present - Multiple Provost Officer Postings

Current Rank - Flight Lieutenant

The piece should be reflective

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Title: SWOT analysis

Total Pages: 2 Words: 627 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: INTRODUCTION:

This unit will introduce you to the basic marketing concepts and principles that underpin modern consumer marketing theory. It will provide you with a broad understanding of market research and support the development of a range of tools to analyse and evaluate consumer marketing behaviour. You will learn the terminology and structure of the advertising industry and how it serves the needs of the successful fashion business. The unit will develop your creative and communication skills and support the application of these within fashion marketing and promotion. The unit will involve you in work based learning, working through an industrial brief and designing a campaign to answer the needs of an actual business concern.


The learning outcomes stated below are listed in an order that correlates to the assessment sheet, an example of which is shown towards the end of this document. These learning outcomes will be assessed holistically and are not weighted.

Upon successful completion of this unit you will be able to demonstrate:
• Application of target marketing, segmentation and positioning and its relevance to consumer behaviour;
• The development of a product marketing strategy;
• Knowledge of the role advertising plays in the fashion industry;
• Knowledge of the advertising process from initial briefing to client proposal;
• An ability to identify a range of advertising media;
• Evidence of engagement with the PPD principles outlined in this document and on Blackboard.


You work for Hype Marketing as a trainee account handler. Working as a member of an account team, you have been asked to produce a presentation with accompanying report about the Per Una brand at Marks & Spencer, which is a Hype client.

Research its current target market, marketing mix (paying particular attention to advertising activity), store environment and competition. Make an analysis of factors that present opportunities or threats for the store.

This report will go to the client to be used as part of their marketing planning audit. Each team will be required to present an outline of their report during week 9 of the course.

Please include a personal reflection report detailing your personal strengths and weaknesses during the project as well as those of the team.

Assessment will be based on the attainment of the unit learning outcomes.
A report of 2,800 to 3000 words in A4, word-processed format including:
• Analysis of a retail store environment
• Marketing mix
• Segmentation, targeting & positioning
• External marketing environment
• An appropriate range of marketing tools, concepts and theories to support your work
• Visual presentation and analysis of current advertising activity
• Primary and secondary research material
• Accompanying diagrams and illustrative material

400-500 words detailing:
Strengths and weaknesses of the learning from this module
• An action plan for maximizing strengths and overcoming weaknesses.
• An assessment of how effectively you and other people functioned within the team.
• How you might have done things differently

you can say that at the beginning we had some problems in the group but now everything went well.
Try to stay with the word count.

Excerpt From Essay:

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