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Title: Communication and Forgiveness

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Essay Instructions: Personal Case Study:

Research and select 5 related journal articles that applies to the particular forgiveness issue mentioned in the first paper (paper will be sent as resource). Using the concepts found from the journal articles, Write a 4 page paper showing how those concepts can usefully be applied to help resolve the forgiveness issue.
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Title: Personal Agency Through Several Readings

Total Pages: 6 Words: 2482 Sources: 6 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: This paper is my final paper for the class so please do your best!
The following are the instructions for the essay.

The title of the course is “Human Agency and Community in a Globalizing World.” Ben Barber’s argument about the twin processes of “Jihad” and “McWorld” and Amaratya Sen’s argument about identity and violence encapsulate many insights into the processes and meanings of globalization, while many works from this semester explore how individuals and communities are impacted by, resist, are responsible for, and/or seek to shape these processes.

Write a paper in which you draw on Barber and Sen (both must be cited at least once) to make an interesting and compelling argument about people in a changing world. You should use three additional works from the second half of the semester and no more than one of the three can be a film; WITH PRIOR APPROVAL, you may use one work from the first half of the semester, but you must present a compelling argument to me first.

Option 2 ??" In Dreams from My Father, Obama recognizes how he is shaped by his family and how he feels constrained by his racial identity; Amartya Sen similarly reminds us “that everyone is someone else.” At the same time, Obama speaks of the ability to recreate oneself and declares “my identity might begin with the fact of race, but it didn’t, couldn’t end there” (111).

Write about the ways you have been shaped by your family, feel constrained by social norms, and try to recreate yourself. As in the previous question, you may want to focus on issues of gender, economic behaviors and beliefs, family dynamics, or racial, ethnic, or religious identity. Don’t forget that the course texts are important. The course texts should be used not just as quick comparisons and fleeting allusions, but to delve deeply into issues of agency (or lack of agency) about creating oneself, the power of social norms, the decision-making over whether to step forward, etc.

Your paper should be about six pages, although you are welcome to use more. A good essay will be insightful, well-organized, tightly argued, narrowly focused, and demonstrate a strong grasp of the material.

A bad essay states the obvious, is really vague, has paragraphs that go on for pages, and reads like you stayed up late the night before it was due writing it.

Papers must be e-mailed to me by 4 pm on May 3.

So my take on this prompt is this.
Using the readings we've discussed in class (which I will email to you after finishing the order) explain how you believe in having a multifaceted identity (sen) instead of just one that's inculcated into us by our family or society.

I already began writing the essay and so below I will copy down my notes and thoughts in which I further explain myself. I also already have some quotes chosen, and my ideas of why I chose them, that you should use.

Talk about Mexico’s social fixations on business
Reflecting on Obama’s thoughts in “Father whatever” I also disagree that a person should be limited by one identity presdisposed to him.

Alike Obama, I also grew up in a society that has a firm culture with constraining social norms, religious


Americans value hard work in life. I guess that that’s what illegal immigrants come to the United States for, an opportunity to better themselves and start from nothing. (front and back of the house) “All of this, however, starts with the process of organizing the people most affected by the industry’s abuses, not just to change individual conditions but to adopt new practices and make new policy.” (Sen 45) This quote illustrates the mentality of the Americans and their caring towards rights and opportunities for the most affected. In Mexico the people who have power and are generally on “top” want to maintain it that way. People with power will abuse it in order to gain more and push the rest of the people aside. (Back of the House, Front of the House)

Prostitutes in India are addicted to meth like I was addicted to the easy going culture of having a siesta here and there, letting time solve our issues and not push ourselves. I had to leave Mexico in order to find people, not generalizing of course, with larger goals than their next day. I had to leave Mexico like the prostitutes in India fled the brothels and their addiction to meth for something better. “Momm wanted to leave the brothel. Bernie Krisher of American Assistance for Cambodia set her up in Phnom Penh twice more, but each time she ran away after a few days, desperate to get back to her meth supply.” (Kristof 39) (Rescuing Girls Is the Easy Part)

“Ancient social structures are collapsing under the weight of new money. Bonds of caste and religion and family have frayed; the panchayats, village assemblies made up of elders, have lost their traditional authority.” (Kapur 2) This quote talks about the rapidly changing India of the 21st century. India’s markets opened to the United States’ capitalism in the 90’s inviting many investors and huge companies to a brand new consumer base. India’s economy grew quickly and allowed people to have steadier jobs and finances. Money was an incredibly important factor to the tearing down of walls in between socioeconomic classes. Money and business served as an equalizer and brought opportunities to the poor. (How India Became America)

Using the reading Identity And Violence by Amartya Sen talk about how when people create casts and discriminate a group of people or classify them as a certain way, it only evokes more violence since groups will be polarized and have opposing ideologies. For these reason I believe that allowing your identity to be composed of more than one background is best. Through living in the United States instead of Mexico I understood the importance of hard work and self-value which changed the ideology previously inculcated in me by the Mexican Society and their norms. I believe that by bringing back capitalism and globalization into Mexico, we will break down the walls that divide socioeconomic classes. New businesses and money will create equality as it did in India. More money for the people “in the back of the house” of Mexico will allow the poor people to become educated and better themselves. In exchange, the violence in Mexico might decrease dramatically as the poor people won’t have the need to kill or work for crooked businesses in order to provide for their families. Less violence will elevate national stability and welcome international investors into Mexico as their faith would be restored, this is especially important to the touristic industry of Mexico. (Import quote from India’s economy bettering after helping the poor here) I am willing to create this change in my country as I am not limited to what my society does and how they abuse the poor. I am an entrepreneur who seeks change and cares about social impact. I decide what my own identity is, and I will take it upon myself to teach this new ideology of being open with other’s individual identifies in order to help our country grow. Change is sparked by one, but initiated at the bottom.


Studying in the United States and branching away from the social norms that I was taught in Mexico of abuse of others rights in return of personal financial growth I will develop as a person and create a more complete identity. I will return home and grant opportunities to the lower working class in order for the whole country to grow and prosper.

“Capitalism, it turns out can achieve what charity and good intentions sometime cannot.” (Annan 187) This quote talks about capitalism and microfinance helping women rights in India. In my personal case studying in the United States, I’ve learned that creating business opportunities in third world countries helps out the people being abused and in economic despair. In Mexico, the reintroduction of fair and equal capitalism into our social norms will help the poor people and drug dealers, as it did the women in India. (Microcredit: The Financial Revolution)
So my logic in this is for you to start talking about me living in Mexico in a wealthy family and society. Explain how society has norms and fixations that make people fine with abusing the lower socioeconomic classes. Talk about how even though Mexico does have capitalism we don't give opportunities to the working classes to succeed and better themselves.

Then talk about how I agree with Sen and his views on a multifaceted identity and so I decided to study in Babson College in the United States. I learned entrepreneurship and the importance of hard work. Now I want to bring it back home with me in order to help out the country and economy as a whole by offering a more equal future to the poor.

Conclude with a more assertive answer of the prompt. Talk specifically about how I was impacted by my multifaceted identity. We need to remember that the purpose of the essay is to talk about how I have changed and not what I want to do with my self made identity.

After each quote that I chose I wrote the title of the text in which I found it in between () so look for that in order to read more about the texts in relation to the quote.

I leave it up to you to choose the order of the texts and quotes that I chose above.

Finallly, you have to use all of the reading I'll list below, and send though email afterwards:
How India Became America
Microcredit: The Financial Revolution
Rescuing Girls Is the Easy Part
Back of the House, Front of the House
Jihad vs. McWorld
Identity And Violence
(The last two texts are the most important as they are the ones that carry the overall idea. You need to quote and cite each at least once. In my brainstorm/roughdraft above I already gave you four plausible quotes.)

This essay decides whether I pass or fail the course... GOOD LUCK! Thank You!
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