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Title: The topic must be related to

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Essay Instructions: Hi,
I have to do a research paper on any topic related to paleontology. You can select any topic by yourself, but make sure it is related to paleontology. As the assignment expectation you have to do library documentation and provide thorough understanding of the topic you are choosing.
Also the use of scientific language should be flawless, and show solid knowledge of the science basic concepts. If it is possible use original thinking and interpretation.
The books/articles you consulted must be included in a reference list at the end of the document.i will be very hankfull to you and please please send me before saturday midnight.THAnks a lot

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Title: The Cambrian System of the Grand Canyon

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Essay Instructions: The paper should include the following, and done in (GSA) style similar to apa with endnotes not footnotes.
Basic Stratigraphic Framework
A. Formal Lithostratigraphy
B. History of Stratigraphic Nomenclature
C. Description of Lithologies
d. Facies Patterns
E. Structures
A. Paleontology
B. Bistratigraphic Zones
A. Sedimentary Source Areaand Sediment Dispersal Patterns
B. Depositional Environment(s)
c. Paleoclimate, Paleoecology, Paleography
D. Tectonic Significance
1. Causes of crustal subsidence
2. Significance to regional tectonics

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