Cambrian System of the Grand Canyon

The purpose of this work is to research and examine the relevant information available in relation to the Cambrian System of the Grand Canyon.

Just above the break in the historical record of rocks which is referred to as "the unconformity" in the Grand Canyon noticed in 1869 by John Wesley Powell while on his pioneer voyage, are the Cambrian Tapeats Sandstone. The Great Uncomformity is stated to represent about 1/2 billion years of missing time! According to some the answer is stated as follows:

"During Grand Canyon Supergroup time, a hypothesized supercontinent called Rodinia assembled at about 1.1 Ga, and then broke apart around 0.75 Ga. The first life forms with a nucleus, single-celled creatures called Eukaryotes, were becoming more diverse, testing the waters for their future evolutionary extravaganza known as the 3 Cambrian Explosion.2 Changes in global seawater composition reflects complex changes...
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