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Essay Instructions: Please write me an argumentative essay opposing the topic"The Olympics are a waste of money which would be better spent helping the poor."Please write 6 paragraphs,including introduction, 3 body paragraphs, rebuttal and conclusion. Also, list external two sources of information consulted at the end of essay, should be two different sources, one from a book ,newspaper or magazine, one from a website. Please use simple English, don't write in too complicated way. Thank you.

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Title: Should Boston host the Olympics?

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1803 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Write a 5 page essay on the pro's and con's of boston being chosen a host city for the olympics. show the contrast of USA cities like Utah and compare them to Beijing and Russia and compare them to other recent American olympics in the they were run differently. Reflect how usa host cities are better for the olympics.our city Boston is being considered for a future bid.You must take a stance on if this a good decision for the city and why? I believe it would be beneficial and good for the city only if it's run by Mitt Romney why because he had success in utah.the opening paragraph must be clear of my agreement with Boston hosting the olympics but only if the right person runs the Olympic committee and don't waste the $$$.

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Essay Instructions: Case Study 4: Advertising, Public Relations, and the 2008 Beijing Olympics (Case 13-1)
Due Week 8 and worth 240 points

Write a 4-5 page report that answers the following:
Analyze the reasons why the Chinese government hired a Western public relations firm to work on the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
Assess the reasons why protesters and activists target events such as the Olympics.
Evaluate whether the opportunity to reach a global audience by advertising during the Olympics offsets the potential for bad publicity.
Analyze how well of a job the companies identified in this case did in anticipating and responding to the protests.
Provide evidence from at least three (3) qualified sources, e.g., textbook, peer-reviewed journals, government, or professional organizations Websites. Note: Properly cite your sources in the report and on a separate reference page that follows the APA style conventions.

The specific Course Learning Outcomes associated with this assignment are:
Analyze an integrated marketing communication (IMC) strategy to support global marketing operations.

Use technology and information resources to research issues in international marketing.
Write clearly and concisely about international marketing using proper writing mechanics.

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Essay Instructions: This summer, I'm going to be generous and offer an extra credit essay that is easier than the normal one I offer.

Why? Because I think the potential for a false flag attack at the London Olympics is worth researching. Okay, so here's the deal. You can write a paper that is the same length as the normal extra credit assignment that is explained in the Extra Credit Unit. Go and read the introduction, and then if you would rather write about the potential for a false flag attack at the London Olympics in order to galvanize the western world against yet another fake terrorist threat, then this paper is for you.

Keep in mind the following points if you choose to write the extra credit paper on the London Olympics instead of Harry Potter, Lolita, Dracula, The DaVinci Code, or any of the other approved novels. Your thesis must do more than simply state the Olympics are a likely target for a staged event designed by NWO interests, in much the same way 9/11 was strategized.

Your thesis should indicate WHY you think the London Olympics are a likely target AND THEN provide circumstantial evidence that points to the possibility that such an event has been in the works for quite some time, possibly even since the 7/7 attacks in London, which happened immediately after London as the Olympic site for 2012 was announced.

In addition to a thesis, you must include at least THREE independent journalism sources, along with one mainstream source, complete with in-text citations and a Works Cited at the end of the essay.

Note: This information can be used if you chose to write the extra credit essay on the likelihood of a terrorist attack at the London Olympics. This is only one of several possible topics for the Extra Credit Essay in WR 122.

No Mainstream Western Newspapers Will Show the Logo Spelling the Word "Zion," however much they writing about it

Here is What Iran's Leadership Sees in the Logo

The logo for this year's Olympiad caused Iran to withdraw from the Olympics. Ahmadinejad (the president of Iran) believes the logo is an anagram for the word "Zion." For this reason, Iran has banned the London Olympics and will not send any athletes or emissaries to attend. Iran currently has no foreign embassy in England or in the USA. If a terrorist attack takes place at the Olympics, it is quite probable that Iranians will be blamed for the attacks, and the attacks will be used to launch an offensive military operation against Iran.

Article on US Military Build-up in the Persian Gulf

The latest (30th) Olympiad is being hosted by England in London. Prince William is 30 years old. William was born on the summer solstice, a very important date for The Illuminati (and, by extension, the German Nazis, a contrived experiment in brainwashing an entire nation, which was most likely conceived, planned, and implemented by the Illuminati using a wide variety of techniques pioneered at the Tavistock Institute in England). William's grandfather, Philip, was raised in Nazi Germany and has many racist Nazi ideas that have embarrassed the monarchy from time to time. The royal family of England is more German than English. In fact, prior to WWI, the British Royal family was called the House of Hanover (German Dynasty). Even the name "Windsor" is fake. The real name of the British "royal" family is Saxe-Coburg and Gotha. Be this as it may, the Queen of England quietly but publicly traces her family tree to Abraham, the famous Hebrew patriarch of olde, as does the majority of the House of Lords (even more quietly).

The apparent conflict between two diametrically opposing familial backgrounds (so-called "Aryan" and Hebrew) can be easily put into perspective when one realizes that both of them are quite probably facile when it comes to the British Monarchy and Aristocracy, maintained as convenient masks of what lies beneath, which is dramatically different from the public image that has been created by the media of the 20th Century, the skillful shaping of mass public consciousness since the time of King James, and contrived traditions invented by clever forerunners to today's "social scientists" who work for the Illuminati (which is Mithras-based, rather than subscribing to any religious tenets of Judaism, Christianity or Islam).

By the way, the name "Iran" comes from the word "Aryan." Few Americans know this fact, but Iranians are well aware of it, since their country is quite homogenous, culturally speaking, and the Persian empire is believed to have originated from Aryan forefathers of olde, which are supposed to have fought and conquered their way across Europe and the Middle East, all the way to India, thousands upon thousands of years ago.

The torch ceremony, which opens the Olympics, was never performed at any Greek olympiad historically (see the BBC video below). Rather, it is a Nazi "Aryan" ceremony, and figured prominently into the highly nostalgic, symbolic, and ceremony-driven mass brainwashing of the Third Reich upon its citizenry, which were conditioned for two adult generations prior to the outbreak of WWII, with one generation that was raised from birth with extremely intense exposure to Naziism (based upon pseudo-scientific theories about "Aryan" ancestry, much of which came from Charles Darwin's second book, The Descent of Man), and through required membership in organizations such as Hitler Youth (Joy Division), which were like mandatory Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts mixed with intense group brainwashing and trauma-based mind control to indoctrinate German children from a very young age.

Historically, the Olympics have been scheduled to take place in England four times. In 1944, the games were cancelled due to WWII. Japan was to host the next Olympic games, but the Games were cancelled due to WWII. The Olympics were scheduled to take place twice in Germany. In 1916, the first time, the games were cancelled due to WWI. During the second games (in 1936), Germany was only two years away from invading Poland and starting WWII (before the next scheduled olympic games, which were to take place in Tokyo). Keep in mind that Olympic host countries are determined over a decade ahead of time, and sometimes longer. It is interesting to note which countries were scheduled to host the games when the only two world wars in the history of Planet Earth broke out: namely, the primary countries that escalated and fought world wars.

At the Games in London, three nations will be providing "UN" security: England, the US, and Germany. CBS News reports that the US and UK have just combined to "defend" against terrorism at the London Olympics. Alex Jones has reported that security at the London Olympics is the most expensive in the history of the games, and the least efficient, leaving enormous holes for potential terrorist attackers to manipulate. If a terrorist attack is used as a provocation to invade Iran, can you guess which countries will play a primary role in the invasion of Iran? How about England, Germany, the US, and Israel? As the US did prior to 9/11's false flag attack, which was used to justify invading Afghanistan (the war was planned over a decade before the US declared war on "Al Qaeda" in Afghanistan), troops, plans, and equipment have already been mobilized to attack Iran and to fight a war with Iran: See this article on the military build-up in the Persian Gulf, which the US media is largely ignoring. Indeed, the pomp and circumstance in the media regarding the "need" to attack Iran has been steadily brainwashing the American public in waves over the past three years.

Video on Nazi Origins of the Olympic Torch Ceremony

BTW: the glittering golden statue of Prometheus in this BBC video is at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. The Rockefellers are notorious for being tied directly to Illuminati interests. The Greek legend of Prometheus bringing fire to humanity (knowledge) has a dual meaning to the Illuminati, standing for the ability to rise up above "good and evil" in a psychopathic mindset that disdains right and wrong (universally accepted morals) as limited and weak. The light of the Illuminati also has close associations with the (deluded) idea that interdimensional beings of great power can be petitioned through select bloodlines that allow people to be "possessed" by these otherworldly agencies. It is quite probable that Nazi Germany was the pet creation of Illuminati business interests, which have always been managed by sociopaths who conduct human sacrifices in secret, and hold Christianity, Judaism, and Islam equally in disdain, while masquerading in public as devout members of one of these religions.

US Media Clips Endorcing A New World Order

In this way, pretend loyalties to countries, races, and religions are a sham designed to fool the general public, and pit nations, peoples, and members of certain religious faiths against each other in order to consolidate money and power into fewer and fewer hands. In my opinion, the leaders of Iran, the US, Germany, and England all work for the Illuminati behind the scenes. After you read Confessions of an Economic Hitman, you will see just how likely it is that Iran's president is a puppet of the Illuminati, and is actually working to facilitate a war between the West and the Middle East in order to usher in the New World Order.

"The world can therefore seize the opportunity [Persian Gulf crisis] to fulfill the long-held promise of a New World Order where diverse nations are drawn together in common cause to achieve the universal aspirations of mankind." --George Herbert Walker Bush (During his Presidency)

Roosevelt's Speech About Hitler's New World Order

It is interesting to note that Hitler used the very same techniques in his speeches. For instance, in 1941, he called the treaties that caused Germany to plunge into galloping inflation after WWI, "dogma of the new world," which caused "political enslavement and economic impotence."

Back in the mid-20th Century, each warring side called the other servants of [THE] "New World Order." However, it's worth noting that Woodrow Wilson used the phrase decades before Roosevelt and Hitler insulted each other's nations by calling them servants of an emerging "New World Order."

Today, the opposite is true. Each side perfers to call itself champions of [A] "New World Order." In fact, according to the Wikipedia entry on New World Order, "Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the President of Iran has called for a new world order based on new ideas, saying the era of tyranny has come to a dead-end. In an exclusive interview with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), Ahmadinejad noted that it is time to propose new ideologies for running the world." It's interesting to note that Wiki subdivides its entries on New World Order into several subsections. One of which concerns "conspiracy theories," while the rest claim to be the real deal. Here is comedian George Carlin commenting about his thoughts on the subject: "The Real Owners" of America.

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