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Title: Oedipus Rex

Total Pages: 3 Words: 998 Bibliography: 0 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Oedipus Rex by sophocles. Discuss how oedipus is a tragic hero (use+quote aristotle) and how his tragic flaw causes him reversal of fortune. all claims must be supported with text quotes. use only internet sources if Necessary.

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Essay Instructions: 1. In an essay of fifteen hundred words select and defend the tragic hero from the play, Oedipus.

2. Consider beginning your discussion around the following:

A. Integrate Aristotle's definition of tragedy and the structure of tragedy as a potential introduction.

B. Identify Sophocles and link to tragedy.

C. Next, apply the definition of tragic hero to your selected character from the story to anchor your discusison.

D. Include the elements below to build the body of your discussion. *You are not restricted to these listed.

(1.) Pride

Example for the choice of Oedipus


He is quick to anger.

He conceives of himself as a father to his people and superior to them.

He doubts Teiresias.

He seeks to circumvent the oracles.

He seeks the truth regardless of the consequences.

(2.) Capacity for Suffering

(3.) Commitment

(4.) Protest and Perception

3. As you prepare to write your essay, you must research the topic. *Look first for any critical analysis of the play, Oedipus. Incorporate borrowed content from scholars.

A. Read journal articles, chapters in books, reference books and reliable internet sources.

B. Prepare bibliography (source) cards using index cards (preferably 4" x 6") using the
samples provided. Follow the MLA or APA guide.

C. Select your best sources from which to take your notes.

D. Prepare a "working" or tentative outline (i.e. one subject to many changes.)

The outline may be a topical or a sentence outline.

E. Prepare notes on note cards with the topic on each card which should match a topic on the outline.

F. Revise your outline to be sure you have addressed all key points needed to sustain an accurate discussion.

4. When you write the paper, you must include at least twelve direct, properly cited quotes in the paper. *Use resources to help you structure your intext citations properly and preparation of your Works Cited or Reference Page.

Using Quotations

A. How much should I quote?

B. The focus of the essay should be your analysis of the topic/research. *If you include too many quotations, they will overpower your own ideas and voice.

Consider the following before incorporating a quotation:

A. Is the language of the passage particularly powerful or memorable?

B. Does the passage confirm/support the credibility of your own argument by enlisting the support of an authority on the topic?

C. Is the passage worthy of further analysis?

D. Remember you may also incorporate material by paraphrasing or summarizing the passage.

Introducing Short Quotations

Any time you use a quotation, you must introduce and explain it. Follow the guidelines below:

A. Begin with a topic sentence (or sentences). This sentence will describe the main point of the paragraph. Think of it as a mini-thesis, which the rest of the paragraph will then develop.

B. Add a linking sentence will relate the topic sentence to the coming quotation. It might briefly summarize the subject of the quote.

C. Introduce the quotation or speaker with phrases such as: ?David Mitchell argues . . . ? or ?In an interview, Cristina Garcia explains . . . ?

Some linking phrases you might consider are: In X?s view; According to X; As X explains.

D. Integrate the quotation into the sentence: Smith reveals that ?this is where you insert the passage? (#).

E. Insert the page and author information after the quotation. Remember that when you use the author?s name in the introductory sentence, you only need the page number in the parenthesis (see above). Otherwise, you would need both: (Smith #). Also, remember punctuation (period) comes after the parenthesis.

F. Analyze and/or explain the passage you have just quoted. Why are you quoting this passage? How does it relate to the topic sentence? To your larger argument? Make clear, logical connections. This part of the paragraph will be longer than just one sentence.


As King makes his plea for racial equality, he appeals to his audience?s sense of patriotic justice and fairness. Not only does he identify American heroes like Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln as extremists for love because of their belief in a better America, but he also notes that for African Americans, ?wait has almost always meant never? (King 600). Justice, he argues, has been absent for many Americans, an idea which contradicts the founding myths of American ideals. Unlike countries in Africa, who are moving toward independence with ?jet-like speed,? the race for equality in America moves ?at horse and buggy pace? (King 598). With these images, King questions the American perception that the U.S. is more progressive and more liberated than other nations. In doing so, he intends for his audience to feel a patriotic duty to advance equality and live up to the ideals of the country?s founding.

5. Write a thesis sentence to control the focus of your paper.

6. Write the first draft of your paper following the outline closely. Remember to give credit to your sources using the MLA or APA guide.

7. Proofread and edit the rough draft.

8. Write the final draft and type in according to MLA or APA specifications.

?You must include a word count which does not include the reference/works cited page.
?Do not attach an outline or a title page. If they are not included, then they would not be included in the word count.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Oedipus the King by Sophocles

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1140 References: 3 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Must include a thesis for argumentation and display understanding of Oedipus the King. I will also need quotes from each of the outside sources to make specific points about the play.

I will need a works cited section

Also, argumentative research and in text citations on the following question: Although Oedipus gives some reasons for blinding himself, can you think of some others? What do you think Oedipus learns from his suffering? What does the audience learn? How is blindness versus sight used in a symbolic way in this play?

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Compare and Contrast the plays Oedipus the King and Othello the Moor of Venice

Total Pages: 4 Words: 1315 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The assignment is to Compare and Contrast the plays Oedipus the King and Othello the Moor of Venice . This means you must discuss both similarities AND differences between the two works. Start by finding some aspect that both works share. This could be a theme (such as ambition), but it might also be a technique (such as first person point of view), an image (e.g. animal imagery), a symbol, etc. After finding a connection between the two works, then you will discuss its other similarities and differences.

you should be interpreting the text (not summarizing it) and supporting it with quotations and other references to the work.

Keep in mind the following:

· Originality does count. A paper which argues an idea that we have not talked about in bulletin boards or chats will receive a higher grade than one which argues something we have discussed in detail.

· Include both similarities and differences. If differences are most obvious, focus on similarities and vice versa. For example, “Although both ____ and ______ demonstrate how love has gone wrong, in _______, the problem is caused by X, whereas in _______, the problem is caused by Y.

· Be sure you are going beyond plot summaries in your comparisons. Your goal is to interpret the two works, not simply to tell us what happened. Always think “Why?” “So What?” What are the two authors suggesting about a given topic? Where do they agree and where do they disagree?

· Remember that the authors’ views are not necessarily the same as the characters’ views.

· Make sure the two elements (the similarities and differences) are related. For example, don’t say something like, “although both works portray abused children, text #1 is written in the 1800s, while text #2 is written in the 1990s. (There is no obvious relationship between the similarities and differences.) A better strategy would be to say something like, “Although these two texts were written in dramatically different historical period, they both portray the theme of abused children. {this is the similarity} However, text A suggests that abused children have no option but to suffer the abuse, while text B argues that children have ways of fighting back. {this is the difference}

Excerpt From Essay:

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