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Title: Ocean basins

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Essay Instructions: Internet Problem 1: The Age of the Ocean Floor
Please answer these questions:

NOAA : (click on the images to make it larger)
Other version of this map can be found at:
for example:

 Remember the water in the ocean has been collecting for 4 billion years and the oldest rock found on the ocean floor is much younger 200 my.
These maps are three-dimensional relief map of the ocean floor showing the age of the oceanic crust at a different location. Red areas indication the location of the youngest crustal material (rock) and blue area are the oldest crustal material.
1) How old is the oldest oceanic crust (Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian)?
  Atlantic Ocean
Pacific Ocean
  Indian Ocean
2) Approximately how old is the oceanic crust along the San Francisco coastline (continental margin)?
 3)  Where is the oldest oceanic crust located in the Pacific Ocean (generally)?
 4) Where is the youngest oceanic crust located in the Pacific Ocean (generally)?
5) Describe, in general terms, the distribution pattern of youngest and oldest oceanic crust in the Pacific Ocean Basin.
6) Look the Atlantic Ocean Basin and compare the pattern of older/ youngest oceanic crust to what you say in the Pacific Ocean Basin. Are these ocean basins alike or different; could they be both? Explain- be specific.
7) How does the spatial pattern of crustal age, as shown in this map (these maps), support the Plate Tectonics Theory? 
8-9) From your reading in the textbook and the Instructor’s Notes and by looking at his map can you draw a correlation between the different topographic features you would expect to find on the ocean floor, and the age of crustal material (rock)?

Explain your reasoning:

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Title: Ocean Spray

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Essay Instructions: Read the chapter 11: Logistics Relationships and Third Party Logistics, then read the case: "Ocean Spray Craberries, Inc". Answer the questions sent via fax. Use bullet points to answer the questions where appropriate.
There are faxes for this order.

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Essay Instructions: I need a paper that will analyze the problems encountered by Hong Kong's Ocean park when they had to take on Hong Kong's Disney. The paper has to be 3 pages, senior year of college level of writing. I have attached the article that has to be use for the analysis as well as the guidelines that has to be used also, for the analysis. Thank you.

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Title: ocean park HK

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Essay Instructions: Take "Ocean Park Hong Kong" as example to describe its:

1) physical and non-physical rate fences
2) Promotion and customer education

* Please apply examples within "Ocean Park Hong Kong" to support your arguments.

For your information:
Ocean park website:

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