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Instructions for Nursing Theorist College Essay Examples

Title: Nursing Theorists See instructions

Total Pages: 7 Words: 1888 References: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: The 8 pages I order should also include an abstract page. Since you don't charge for the reference page and the title page. The paper will be 10 pages altogether. Please see instructions below:

A scholarly paper is required in which students will identify, describe, research, and apply the
concepts of a speci?c nursing theorist and compare and contrast it to other nursing theorists.
Examples of clinical situations from personal nursing practice that illustrate the concepts and
application of the framework are to be provided and stated in Ways-that illustrate and clarify the
student's use of the conceptual material.

Select a nursing theory that you ?nd most appealing and which you believe bestiidenti?es your
personal philosophy of nursing. It doesn't have to be one that was discussed in class; you may
choose whichever theorist you ?nd most appealing.
Identify and describe the essential components of the theorist.
Give reasons for your choice of the theorist comparing and contrasting it to two other theorists.
Give an example of a client or family for Whom you have cared and discuss how the speci?c
nursing theorist may relate to nursing in professional practice with this client or family.
This assignment is to be done in a word document, APA format. The paper should be 10 pages in length, including the title page and reference sheet.
Grading Criteria Points
Discussion of theorist and essential
Components 25 points
Reason for choice of theorist and comparison
to 2 other theorists. 25 points
Application of speci?c theory to client or family. 25 points
Clarity, organization, and articulation of ideas 15 points
APA Format and references ? 10 points

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Nursing Theorists Hildegard Peplau

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1812 Works Cited: 4 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: The purpose of this paper is to understand one nurse theorist in more depth and discuss how their theory relates to your practice. Nursing theorist is Hildegard Peplau.

Nurse Theorist: Overview of nurse theorist and contributions to nursing
Nurse theory concepts: Clearly identifies key concepts of nursing theory
Metaparadigm definitions: Clearly identifies metaparadigm concepts from this theoritical perspective
Conceptual model: Conceptual model included and discussed
Why chose this theorist" Clearly model is included and discussed
Putting this theory into prectice: Clearly applies theoritical concepts to own nursing practice
References: Use 3 references from multiple sources including original author
Turnitin Score
Writing Skills - APA format, snetence structure, grammer

Information on Peplau's theory
Peplau - Interpersonal Process

Person: organism that lives in an unstable equilibrium and strives to reduce tension generated by needs

Environment: existing forces outside the orgnism in the context of culture

Health/Illness: forward movement of personality in direction of creative, constructive, productive, personal, and community living. Disease - no or backward movement.

Nursing: therapeutic interpersonal process involving the interaction between individuals who have a common goal. Roles- stranger, resource person, teacher, resource person, teacher, leader, surrogate, counselor.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Nursing Metaparadigms and Practice-Specific Concepts Since Florence

Total Pages: 7 Words: 1957 Bibliography: 4 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: identify your own values and beliefs about the established metaparadigms and metatheories of the discipline. It will also help you identify and articulate concepts relevant to your specific practice. This paper is intended to be an exercise in clarification and organization of your professional foundation. You are also required to provide a list of assumptions from personal nursing practice that illustrate the concepts and framework of your theory.

Your paper should follow a format that includes:

Nursing Autobiography: A brief (1 page) discussion of your background in nursing.
The Four Metaparadigms: Identification, discussion, and documentation from the literature of your perspective on the basic four metaparadigms/concepts of patient, nurse, health, and environment.
Two Practice-Specific Concepts: Identification, discussion, and documentation from the literature of your perspective on at least two other concepts specific to your own practice. ( Watson and Leninger)
List of Propositions: A numbered list of at least five propositions or assumption statements that clearly connect the concepts described.

Consider the following questions as you complete your various tasks related to this assignment.


How do I define and employ the four basic metaparadigms of nursing theory in my professional practice?


What are the major concepts I employ that are unique to my professional practice?


What philosophies and theories from the literature of nursing and other disciplines/domains are consistent with these concepts?


How are the concepts of transcultural nursing, the health promotion model, skill acquisition, role theory, and change theory specifically integrated into my philosophy and practice?


What research supports these theories and concepts?


How do I integrate role and change theory into my professional practice and how may these theories be applied to the organization in which I practice?

The paper is to be thoroughly researched and well documented, with relevant material from the nursing theorists presented incorporated into the paper. Use the current edition of the APA Manual throughout the paper. Sources should focus on references from nursing theory but may also include conceptual and theoretical material from other professional domains. The paper, excluding references or appendices, is to be limited to 6-10 pages. Writing should be succinct and well organized, as it is impossible for the facilitator to evaluate form and content separately.

Your philosophy/framework is to be given a title that is appropriate to its content and emphasis.
There are faxes for this order.

Excerpt From Essay:

Title: Nursing Theorists

Total Pages: 6 Words: 1645 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Investigate the 6 nursing theorists listed and provide the following information aboout each:
Theorist''s name and brief history
Overview of their theory of nursing(key concepts)
The theorist''s view of the following concepts basic to nursing:
!. person
2. environment
3. health
4. nursing
you should write NO more than 1 typed page per nursing theorist listed below. remember APA format will be graded.
Florence Nightingale
Dorothy Orem
Hildegard E. Peplau
Martha Rogers
Sister Calista Roy
Jean Watson
Please include the free works cited page, thank you.

Excerpt From Essay:

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