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Title: Nursing Informatics Pioneers According to the American

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Essay Instructions: Application Assignment 1: Nursing Informatics Pioneers
To prepare:
Visit the AMIA Video Library 1: Nursing Informatics Pioneers webpage listed in the Learning Resources.
Review the biographies and video presentations of pioneers who are of interest to you, or may hold a position that you aspire to achieve.
Select two nursing informatics pioneers and conduct further research on their contributions.
Consider how their contributions have influenced health information technology and nursing practice today.
To complete:
Write a scholarly 3- to-4-page paper comparing two nursing informatics pioneers. Synthesize your thoughts using the bullets below as a guide:
What are the professional accomplishments of each individual?
How have their contributions influenced nursing practice?
How have their contributions shaped the field of nursing informatics?
What lessons can you take away from their experiences?
What skills or ideas demonstrated by these leaders might you apply to your professional practice?



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Essay Instructions: Nursing Informantics
Please include definition nursing informatics, technology changed shaped nurses perform job, ethics electronic medical records, cost implementing programs training medical personnel, effects modern technology patient care, effect nurse-patient communication, advantages disadvantages incorporating technology a pateint centered field.

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Title: Nursing Informatics Competencies

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Essay Instructions: Introduction
The continued integration of information technology within the nursing profession is resulting in the development of nursing informatics as a distinct specialty. As with other specialty areas, nursing informatics has unique foundational documents, concepts, competencies, and functions. How might information technology competencies pertain to your professional practice?
This week focuses on the core competencies and scope and standards of practice in nursing informatics. If you are not specializing in nursing informatics, some functional areas will be more relevant to your professional role than others. Therefore, this week you will analyze the key functional areas of nur

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