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Title: Exploring Topics The nuclear family arrangement is not the only practicable structure for a thriving family environment

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Essay Instructions: Exploring Topics-The nuclear family arrangement is not the only practicable structure for a thriving family environment

Explore the Internet by doing a keyword search on your project topic using a Web search engine. Describe the results of your search. How many different sites devoted to your topic did you locate? What did you find surprising about the comments and opinions expressed by the participants on the sites?

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Title: Pro The nuclear family arrangement wk3

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Essay Instructions: To start, please read Chapter 3, "Finding Arguments: Thinking Like a Writer," on pages 61-73 in your textbook, Goshgarian, Gary, Kathleen Krueger, and Janet Barnett Minc. Dialogues: An Argument Rhetoric and Reader. 4th ed. Boston: Addison Wesley Educational Publishers Inc, 2003.

Project Topic

Here is your debate topic for this course:
The nuclear family arrangement is not the only practicable structure for a thriving family environment.

Pro: If you are on the pro side, then you agree with the statement that the nuclear family arrangement is not the only practicable structure for a thriving family environment and that alternative models can be just as (or even more) successful than the traditional nuclear family model. Your goal in research will be to find evidence from credible sources that will allow you to argue that an equally successful family structure can exist outside of the nuclear family model. Your second goal will be to find evidence that refutes the counter claims of those who do not support this view.

Note: Religious materials and references may be used in your arguments; however, your papers and discussions must also contain an equal amount of documented non-religious supporting evidence and material.

My reasons for choosing this topic are that: (1) many claim that the 1950s model of the nuclear family is on the decline; (2) ample resources for both sides can be easily found on the internet and in any library's periodical holdings; (3) it helps us achieve the course goal of using debate and writing to become better informed citizens.


You will be formulating the arguments for the debate, but you will not actually be debating. Most people know how to informally debate, but the important thing is to know how to dialogue.


1. Determine at least two of the five suggested methods for ‘Getting Started’ from your Goshgarian textbook (pp. 65-70) and develop your arguments for your topic which was assigned by your instructor in week 2. Pro-the nuclear family arrangement

2. Consult your Prentice Hall Reference Guide, page 3 (hint box: Starting Questions) and pp. 4-11 for extra information.

3. Write an essay (one-page minimum) describing the methods you are using and how you are using them.

Deliverables and format:
Submit your essay ‘Getting Started’ in a Microsoft Word document in a minimum of one page.
Font: Arial; 10
Line Spacing: Double

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Title: divsion of house work in my nuclear family

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Essay Instructions: How do gender ideologies and the ideal of the nuclear family shape gendered ideas and behaviors, including the distribution of reproductive and productive work, In your family. 1. gender ideologies . Discuss how the social construction of gender( masculinity and femininty of motherhood motherhood) affects U.S families in general. description of your family. describe who lived in your houeshold. explian the roles and tasks each had to keep to keep household functioning. If there was significant changes in these.2. analysis of your family . analyze how the ideal of the nuclear family and social construction of gender affected ideas and actions. Including the way reproductive and productive work was/ is distributed in your family of your orgin. (A) What family myths , as Hochschild discusses, propel the gendered division of labor in your family. (B) assess the process by which tasks came to be divided up. Did this happen “Naturally” or did your parents have discussions about this. discuss a time when one parent tried to change who did what . what happened. how did the other responed. What were the gendered notions behind each partners behaviors and attitudes. (C) does each persons behavior and attitudes of reproductive work align? if not how did he or she deal with this discrepancy? Assess how gendered behavior and ideas affected gendered thinking and roles in your family. also does the state play a role in your family formation and function. (D) did your familys practices help maintain gender inequality?
In terms of grading section 2 weighs the most. Also my professor doent know any thing about me so just use your own family to analyze. But I am a white male from california.

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Title: family institutions that oversee the bearing and raising of children

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Essay Instructions: Instructions:

This essay needs to be two FULL pages in length.
A reference sheet is recommended.
You may use the Internet, newspaper articles, the textbook, any introductory textbook such as Macionis, Sociology, 9th edition, The Family Journal, or any suitable journal.
This paper should contain thought and cite evidence from research or your reading.
This paper is NOT to be an expression of unsupported personal opinions. It is to be a compare and contrast of competing ideas, supported by facts and examples.

Address this Sociological Question:

?The family is a social institution found in all societies, that unites people in cooperative groups to oversee the bearing and raising of children? (Macionis, 2003: 463).

Research and Verify the following statements to see if they are factually supported by research and other evidence: Sociologists tell us that families are diverse. Such things as the legalization of gay and lesbian marriages in Canada and the structural diversity of families and marriages in the United States and Canada suggest that the structure and norms regulating marriages and families is undergrowing rapid change. Politicians have pointed out that the traditional intact nuclear family structure, which has existed since Colonial times, is being ?broken? by divorce, single parenting, and parenting without marriage. The American Medical Association (AMA) has declared that children raised in families with homosexual parents have no more (or less) problems than children raised in heterosexual families. Although the AMA states that any intact family is superior to a foster home or dysfunctional family where physical sexual or emotional abuse may be taking place, the political position is often that broken families create these problems.

Evaluate the evidence for and against the following position, taken by many conservatives and some liberals in U.S. society and government. This position states that a return to the traditional family structure and values (meaning the intact nuclear family) is necessary for many things, including reducing crime, drug addiction, and other social problems.

please list web access to articles information in refernece sheet if used.

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