Freewriting allows the writer to crystallize thoughts in preparation for a final paper or oral debate.

Another strategy is engaging in dialogue with others. As Goshgarian et al. point out, the dialogue does not have to be limited to conversation. It can include brainstorming together, soliciting of responses to one's freewriting, and interviews. The dialogue can be face-to-face or via electronic resources such as chat rooms, e-mail or listservs (Goshgarian et al. 70). Dialogue enables the writer to gather other opinions and perspectives. The writer may or may not change her mind; even if she does not, she gains an understanding of other's arguments and can use them as a starting point for the research that will support her own views in a debate.

The debate topic, that the nuclear family arrangement is not the only practicable structure for a thriving family environment, is one on which most people have...
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