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Title: Norms

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Essay Instructions: this is a paper regarding norms, i sent an email previously and wrote what the paper was about. Sarah returned my email, i need this to be a custom paper and will email my professors guidelines to you later in the day. i will send the email with the guidelines to . In need a work cited page, title pages and some end notes, those pages are not included in the actual 5-7 page length

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Essay Instructions: 1. Norms of behavior are dysfunctional when they have an adverse effect on learning and development. Identify four adolescent norms that should be modified or abandoned. For each example explain how the current norm undermines the growth and the replacement norm that you recommend.

The four norms I am thinking of are: adolescent sexual norms
Parental conflict, peer groups, and body image and media.

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Title: Virtual team norms and procedures

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Essay Instructions: In this module, the comment was made that norms are implicit, and tend to develop over time. However, it was also observed that virtual teams can not afford the luxury of such a passive process, and need to take proactive steps to establish explicit norms.

Case Expectations

In this case, you are asked to consider ways a virtual team can explicitly establish communication and task norms that support high performance. The following reading provides some additional ideas for how a co-located team could an engage in norm-setting. You should model your action plan for virtual teams after this type of analysis.
Case Reading

Karten, N. (2003). Creating Team Norms. Retrieved August 2009 from
Keys to the assignment

For this case, please complete the following:

Identify 10 specific behavioral norms (five communication and five task norms) that you feel are essential to the smooth performance of virtual teams.
Explain why you feel these norms are essential.
Propose a specific action plan virtual teams could use to develop and enforce task and communication norms.

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Title: breaching norms experiment

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Essay Instructions: The Breaching Expriment Guidelines will be faxed. Other information will be faxed to help you

Essay format should be like this:
I. intro - What is a norm? What norms are for? What happens if they are breached? What kinds of norms? (folkway or formal norms) This should atleast 1 page.

II. Tell what you did to breach a norm and tell what you breached.

III. interpret and analyze what peoples reactions where. (like by peoples raece,gender, nationality,...etc) ("she said or i think this")

IV. Explain the emotions as we breeched them and asu did them. What went through your minds (make something up)

V. Explain the theories involed in the experiment atleast 2 theories like : cooley teh looking glass self, goffman :presentation of self

Conclusion - rap everything up

You may add thing to help may it work

Here are the field notes at Moreno Valley Mall( peoples reactions) . Please make some up that will make it better.
Middle aged man kep staring. He walked by slowly.
People glanced and walked by.
One mid-age black man stared, laughed, then walked away.
Two black ladies sitting next to me kept looking back at Sean and Helen.
A security guard on the second floor looked at them too. Then she grabbed for her microphone thing.
The custodian walked by and looked at them.
A group of girls (mom, girls of all ages) walked by and looked.
A teenage girl walked by and whispered something to her friend, probably about Sean and Helen.
A middle aged woman and her young son (they appeared to be caucasian) walked by and tried not to laugh until after they passed Helen and Sean.
Two teenage girls walked by and laughed.
Two boys in their late teens were sitting at a bench and they kept staring at Sean and Helen. But they tried to do so without being obvious.
A little girl in a stroller leaned over and seemed like she was about to fall out of the stroller. It looked as if she wanted to play with Legos too.
A white, male security guard accosted them at the end putting an end to our experiment.
*young hispanic boy stares as he passes by
*one/two year old girl points
*teenage African boy stares
*lady looks and quickly looks away
*two teenage guys take a double look
*lady and four children all stare
*young couple- man points and whispers to lady
*teen age guy stares and laughs
*white man looks and smiles
*little boy running by stops and stares for a moment and runs off
*older man makes a funny face
*two middle school girls giggle
*young white guy looks from corner of his eye
*man turns head to look as he passes by
*man walks by, turns his head to look and stares
*two middle school girls look, talk, and point in a not-too-obvious way
*two high school girls look and stare, walk by again and stare again
*man looks, whispers to lady, looks again, lady looks
*two young guys look and laugh
*group of high school girls look from above, point, and stare
>teenage girl was looking and had an odd expression on her face.

>teenage guy glanced over but looked away

>teenage girl walked by staring

>a couple of kids with their dad were checking out the playing but it looked like they thought nothing of it

>middle aged man walked by and looked for a couple seconds and looked away

>two middle aged ladies were looking over and seemed to talk to each other about it and laugh

>a group of 4 ladies: 2 teenagers, 2 middle aged... were watching as they walked by and seemed to be talking about it.. one of them was looking around the area

>teenage girl walked by and looked.. then when Cynthia glanced up the girl quickly looked away

>then at the end the security gaurd came up to us (Helen & i) and with a big smile on his face told us that we could not play on the floor and must move our legos to a table. he was trying not to laugh to much. hahah

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