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Essay Instructions: Nigeria Market Entry Strategy Project

1) a report on opportunities for market entry that identifies two export opportunities for Nigeria. It has to be two real products that has global appeal (such as sesame seeds and cocoa) and a real firm must be chosen and a recommendation made.

2) It must address the entry mode, pricing, and promotion for the two products being researched in Nigeria.

3) Basically I am choosing a company expanding or entering into Nigeria and play the role of a consultant or international business manager

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Essay Instructions: Requesting writer (Username: ryansd2011) if possible.

Subject: Recommendation for investment (pro or con) and in what sector or
industry, for the county of Nigeria. (This is for my economics class).

My paper should focus on: Recommendations for infrastructure investments for Nigeria. Subjects have to AT LEAST include: 1) power grids 2) transportation 3) ports

Personally, I feel that Nigeria has a lot of natural resources, but lack of transportation and the presence of unorganized ports limit their exports. Please give recommendations on how to resolve these issues. Also, please talk about power grids - there are many opportunities in this area.

In conclusion, I am for investing (pro stance) in Nigeria. My area for investment is infrastructure. Thank you.

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Title: why do oil spills in the U.S. get cleaned up quickly and slowly or not at all in Nigeria

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3886 Sources: 9 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: This needs to be a research essay. The paper must employ a critical approach and the specific topic(Why do oil spills in the U.S. get cleaned up quickly, and slowly if at all in Nigeria?), must relate to human geography, gender and place. Importantly, the space is constitutive of social relations. Included in the essay: 1) demonstrate familiarity with human geography. Explicitly discuss the geographic/spatial dimensions of the issue. 2) demonstrate critical thinking and sound logic by developing a persuasive line of argument related to the topic.

This is an essay topic- social and cultural geography. more specific- ethnicity and place.

references must include 5 scholarly references. and 9 references total.

please e-mail if any questions

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Title: Nigeria Small Arms Trafficking

Total Pages: 3 Words: 973 References: 0 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: I need a research paper stating Nigeria's point of view on the illicit trafficking on small arms/weapons. The paper should have a complete overview on how Nigeria is affected, which militant groups have weapons, what Nigeria is doing about it, and what Nigerian diplomats have said in the past concerning the issue. Overall, it should be said from Nigeria's point of view, not the global point. In addition, the paper should include how Nigeria's position on the issue relates to the position of major world powers. Also, the research paper must include ideas for resolving the issue of illicit trafficking of small arms.

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