Nigeria Market Entry Strategy Somebody's Mother's Chocolate Sauce, LLC

Export opportunity for ginger and cocoa

Somebody's Mother's Chocolate Sauce, LLC is manufacturer and processor of cocoa located in Houston, TX with gross annual sales of approximately $700,000 per year (Manta, 2010). The fluctuating costs of cocoa and the introduction of a new ginger-based product have prompted the company to seek export opportunities in Nigeria to vertically integrate its sources of cocoa and for ginger to expansion of its chocolate sauce sales. The company also plans to sell some of the cocoa beans and ginger wholesale for a profit to other chocolate processors in its local and regional market. In the long-term the Company may explore producing its chocolate sauce in Nigeria for export to European markets.

B. Entry Mode

Somebody's Mother's Chocolate Sauce, LLC (the "Company") is new to the international market and believes the most successful avenue to begin...
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