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Essay Instructions: Write an essay in which you

(1) summarise New Zealands present constitutional arrangements
(2) indicate at least one area where reform to some aspect of New Zealands
constitutional arrangements is desirable and explain why that reform is
necessary, and
(3) explore how, in your assessment, New Zealanders might be encouraged to actively engage with the Constitutional review process.

Format: 1.5 space
All references from your readings, other research undertaken, or from the Internet must be cited correctly and fully, using the APA referencing system

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Essay Instructions: #Preamble:
The New Zealand Government has established a Constitutional Advisory Panel. One of the roles
of the Panel is to foster a ?conversation? about New Zealand?s Constitutional Arrangements, and
report back to the Government on the views of the New Zealand community. The Government
has asked the Panel to find out what New Zealanders think about particular aspects of the Treaty
of Waitangi.

Essay Topic:
Summarise the essential features of the Constitution of Aotearoa/New Zealand, explaining
the role that the Treaty of Waitangi has in that Constitution. Do you think that the Treaty
should be made a formal part of the Constitution?
All references from your readings, other research undertaken, or from the Internet must be cited
correctly and fully, using the APA referencing system.

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Essay Instructions: Consumers behaviour

Critically evaluate the contributions that social class can deliver in modrn consumers behaviour in New Zealand for the product Hennessey cognac

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Title: Contemporary Issues in International Business

Total Pages: 10 Words: 3308 Bibliography: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Request for Awest!

Produce a briefing paper on the New Zealand Council of Trade Unions (CTU). Please do not contact the CTU directly.

In your answer, identify when the organisation was established; if it has a membership and if so how many people; how it is funded; what its political or other allegiances are; what view of the world it is attempting to promote; identify other organisations doing the same or similar work; what assumptions are held by the organisation?; who are its strongest opponents?; and any other information you think is important. Include a section in your report that considers the question of business ethics and their application to the work of the CTU and other similar organisations around the world. Is there still a place for trade unions in the New Zealand workplace?

Your briefing paper should not be just regurgitation from the CTU website. You are required to present your briefing paper as a coherent piece of your own work. The word length of your paper is a maximum of 3,000 words. It does not require any appendices and is due on 14 September 2009. It will contribute 40% towards your final grade.

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