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Title: a letter of appreciation

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Essay Instructions: my family was vacationing in Taipei, Taiwan last X'mas, and my fathter had a heart attack. It was very challenged to be sick in a foreigh land especially dealing with people that do not speak the same language. But thanks to Taipei City Hospital, not only they had the modern facility and technolgy, and their cardio vasecular suregeon, Dr.Peter Wu, is extremly fluent in English.

I would like your help to write an appreciation letter to the hospital and especially appraise Dr. Wu.

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Essay Instructions: Write a well-organized personal essay on the religious history of your family as much as you know it. Please take this opportunity to speak to your parents, grandparents or other relatives to find out things you don't know. In future, this "oral history" may be precious to your family. (Note: This paper is not on your personal beliefs as such, but rather the religious and cultural history of the last three generations or more in your family.)

Organize the paper in any way that seems good to you. Answer such questions as the following: Where did we come from? What was the religious background of my grandparents on both sides? What has been the religion of my parents? Is there more than one religious tradition? If so, what has that meant to us? Have family members changed their affiliation or practice? how does one generation ? even in the same tradition ? differ from another? How have our religion(s) formed our lives ? or not? how do I see myself/my family in the landscape of America/New York?

This is the religion class assignment.
I'm from Vietnam and now studying in new york.
My parents is Vietnamese and they still live in Hanoi, Vietnam
Write anything you can imagine.

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Title: personal statement

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Essay Instructions: I am applying to UCL in London for MSc in Construction Economics and Management. To give you a brief information, I am graduating this may from an ivy league school. My interest in engineering is because my family is in the construction business. To experience this notion, I interned at a highly respectable architecture company in New York for 8 weeks during the summer of 2007
Heres the question for the personal statement: Describe your academic interests and reasons for applying. You should indicate, when appropriate, the options/modules in which they are likely to be interested. Detail your career objectives and any relevant non-academic achievements as well as any publications. Outline any other relevant experience including attendance at specialist workshops or short courses.
let me give you some information on me:
I am from Turkey and went to french high school in Turkey, so im fluent in french and english. I was the president of honor board and was the student representative in the disciplinary committee. I am in my 4th year at Brown University majoring in COE(Commerce, Organizations and Entrepreneurship):Business-economics concentration. You can find more info on this major if you go to and type coe in the search box. This major is a combination of engineering (you can relate to this), sociology and econ classes. iT IS ONE OF THE MOST CHALLENGING MAJORS AT THE SCHOOL.
You can also elaborate on my internship experience that I mentioned in the assignment. I was a junior architect and used AUTOCAD software to complete my tasks. The architecture firms name is Frank Williams and Partner Architects LLP.

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Title: My Family

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Essay Instructions: Please write a paper about my family of origin or birth. Tell the instructor about the authority figure i had growing up. The kind of envirornment it was and how i felt growing up. Then tell her about my family unit now. How did my upbringing affect how i live now? Also include information about my culture or heritage and how the older generation has affected my generation.

Please read Christensen Kockrow book "Foundations of Nursing" Pages 182--185.

My birth family is a nuclear family. My father and mother both are senior electric engineers. I have a little sister. my family is democratic family pattern. I grew up in China, and i was happy when i grew up. The envirornment is comfortable, relax and my friends and family members thought that knowledge is important. Now i got divorced and i am a single woman who has a boyfriend. My upbringing affects me: be a honest person; respect others; study and work hard; have a happy family; (i still try to find a man) etc. My older generation affected me: take good care of my parents; save money for emergency. etc

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