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Title: Personal Essay

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Essay Instructions: Hi Sir/Madam,
Please make my personal essay more stronger and professional in order to be admitted to plete my graduate studies, the following is what I wrote as a personal essay, I don't know how it looks to you but I want to look more professional Plus my resume which has my work experience at the industry that I used to work with which I think it would help you to build strong personal essay :

I am writing this letter as a part of my application to your master of science in Finance program to explain the reasons for applying. My name is Ahmad Almazyad. I was born on February 05, 1987, and I am 24 years old. I have granted scholarship from the Ministry of Higher Education in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia under King Abdullah Program to study for a graduate school and Ph.D. At this time, I am senior standing student majoring in Finance and I am graduating this semester in May 2011.
Throughout my bachelor academic life at California State University Northridge, researches and project development have been my interest and have forced me to look for the newest knowledge in the Finance field. I have always been fascinated with the Financial Service programs; they embolden me to continue studying for a master degree. The reasons for applying to your program are to gratify my desire and to both expand on my knowledge in this field and to qualify myself to be good in the field. Moreover, I have a hunch that I can do something new in this field and make improvements in Finance worldwide. My ambition is limitless, and I have bee fascinated with the new trends of finance.
There is a plethora of reasons that the United States of America is the world's most advanced country for management and education. So, this fact summoned me to choose your country to get occupational modern experiences and the opportunity to work in the excellent job environment that I had experience from the situation of work experience in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for five years at The National Gas Company & Industrialization Company. I believe that by join your Master of Science in Finance at Texas A&M University-merce will prepare me for a successful and challenging career in the Finance field and inspire enthusiasm inside me, to pete at my highest potential at local and international levels.
There are many reasons that have spurred me into choosing the master science program, most importantly; it possesses first class educational opportunities in some areas of Finance. I realized that after I asked my advisor and friends about your activities and programs to consider your institution. In addition, I read the curriculum, and liked it. Also, I was navigating throughout the university website, gathering an abundance of tips and information, and this further enticed me to apply to Master of Science in Finance program.
Name : Ahmad Almazyad
Mobile :(310) 699-2229
E-mail :


Ahmad M. Almazyad
19200 Nordhoff St.
Northridge, CA 91324
Home: (213) 255-5528 Mobile: (310) 699-2229 Email:

To obtain a financial planning position that would allow me to utilize my analytical, quantitative, interpersonal and budget management skills in order to help the organization achieve its financial goals and objectives while advancing my personal skill set

California State University Northridge Fall 2006 ?" Present
• Bachelor of Science in Finance
• GPA: 2.8
Expected Graduation Date: May, 2011

The National Gas & Industrialization Company Saudi Arabia ?" Riyadh Region
Assistant Financial Specialist August 2003 ?" August 2008
• Maintained accounts for real estate department
• Dealt with government offices as a public relations officer
• Effectively worked with cross-functional teams to plete large-scale manufacturing projects and satisfy customer requirement
• Generated reports in financial statements and wrote remendations
• Managed accounting systems and monitored the client’s cash flow

Management Information System Association, CSUN Spring 2010?" Present
Saudi Student Association, CSUN Fall 2009?" Present
Student Finance Association Fall 2010?" Present

Key Skills
• Excellent Communication Skills with a Strong Background in Financial Management
• Highly capable of working in cross-functional teams
• Experienced in providing exceptional Client Support

Technical Skills and Coursework
Operating Systems: Windows 7, Windows XP, Mac OS; familiarity with Linux, and UNIX
Applications: Microsoft Office ?" Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint.

Major Courses: Principle of Real State, Principle of Insurance, and Corporation Investment Analysis.

Bilingual: Arabic & English

If you have any question please contact me at any time.


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Title: Personal Statement

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Essay Instructions: Hello Talya,

Yes, the same writer can complete your new order as well. Please proceed with placing this order via our secure online order form. In the section where it specifies "Requested Writer" please make sure you include the following username "dlzit".

Mark Dee - Customer Service Supervisor
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On 2/6/2011 4:13 AM, Talya Shelley wrote:
MARK ALSO CAN THE SAME WRITER WITH ALL THE INFORMATION HE HAS ABOUT ME WRITE UP A PERSONAL STATEMENT WRITTEN IN A SIMILAR WAY TO THE ONE BELOW: I WILL PAY ASAP BUT NEED IT BEFORE THE 10TH OF FEB!!!!! i want my personal statement to be about international business but include that i then want to specialize in fashion etc.

Background info about me- born in london, father is british mother is turkish. went to middle school in turkey, high school in switzerland at the age of 14- which enabled me to look out for my self- independent- i was nominated as house captain, was the round square representative- raised money to educate under privileged kids in africa. Got a bouquetin- an expedition honor of completing 5 weekends in a row in the mountains of switzerland that tested me both physically and mentally. Climbed the mountain of Le Diablerets. I was an active skier, captain of the volleyball team. I speak English and Turkish and am conversant in French and Spanish. My father is a sell made business man that specializes in import export- he purchases super discounted luxury goods and imports them in a bulk at a low price, he is an opportunist and the reason- My mother is painter- being born into both business and creative mind i have been fortunate enough to be exposed to both and want to use them as my strength in the future etc.
I hold a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Design and Management from the prestigious Parsons the New School for Design in New York, NY. During my studies, I was enrolled in a broad range of business and design courses including:

- Macroeconomics

- Microeconomics

- Statistics

- Analyzing Trends

- Algebra

- Business Models

- Financial Management

- Design Research Methods

- Design Development

- Business Failure

- Business Law

- International Business

- Strategic Management.

In addition to my educational qualification, I have several years of related experience including reviewing and negotiating contracts, coordinating budgets, preparing and monitoring weekly sales, analyzing, strategizing and executing delivery of quality goods, researching fashion trends, participating in trade shows, and various related duties involving business operations.

“The greatest of human freedoms is the freedom to choose one’s attitude in a given set of circumstanstances; to choose one’s own way” ??" V Frankl.
In the early days of my youth, I could not have imagined what a wonderful and challenging journey awaits me. My multi-cultural background, being of Indian origin, born in the UK, moving to my then home in Tehran, Iran during the long devastating Iran-Iraq war, being raised in Istanbul and London, and now currently living and working in Dubai, UAE, has enhanced my creativity in adapting to a myriad of situations and circumstances. Kings College with its diverse faculty and student body, together with its location in a very multi-cultural city, is an ideal environment for my academic pursuits.
There is no denying that the world is experiencing profound changes in economics, requiring constant perfection of business mechanisms and systems. China and India are both emerging as active participants of the world market and are developing themselves with an ever accelerating speed in recent years. Therefore, well educated specialists, trained in the International Management field are of a great need. Spurred by this observation, I am making a sincere application for a Master’s degree program in your greatly respected university.
My whole life has been a learning ground where I have been fortunate enough to have experienced living in different countries; having spent my childhood and completed my primary education in Istanbul, I can now fluently speak Turkish. Despite being brought up in a Westernized manner, thanks to my parents, I have managed to stay close to my Indian roots through the use of language and closeness to our culture’s values and traditions. Such a background has not only enriched my personal life, but is also proving to be more and more important in today’s global environment.
I have come to realize how vital language is for communication. Without the adequate knowledge of language and culture, business would struggle to succeed internationally. Fortunately due to my global background and upbringing, I am fluent in English, Turkish, Hindi and Punjabi, with a good command of French as I studied it throughout my school years. The advantage of being multi-lingual and well-travelled has enabled me to relate to and communicate with many different types of people.
It is no surprise to me that I have been attracted to the field of Business as I seem to have the genes for it. As the offspring of generations of family members, who are successful businessmen, I have been fortunate enough to have grown up with business talks, deals and discussions since my childhood. During my BA in International Business at Regents Business School I have gained a thorough understanding of corporate strategy; human resources; economics; global political economy; logistics; supply chain management and business communication. I have already explored the role of the entrepreneur, their contribution to business growth in the 21st century and their drive and energy that brings about innovation. After completing my undergraduate studies, I have the fundamental knowledge and understanding of the global dimensions of business and management in both breadth and depth, particularly in the key areas of people, resources and information.
The decision of choosing management as my major was further inspired by my parents, both of whom have played an Influential part in my life. I have witnessed my father, a self-made businessman; succeed despite numerous global upheavals. My mother, the rock of our family and stronger than any person I have ever known, stood by my father and her children, making us the strong individuals we are today. My father’s industriousness that enables him to be successful and my mother’s strength and positive outlook towards life has affected me deeply and I truly wish to make an equal or greater success of myself to make them proud.
I am a well rounded individual continuing the ethos instilled in me by the IB requirements of Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) I have remained active both socially and physically, by satisfying the CAS requirements and participating in a broad range of artistic, sporting and community service activities throughout my International Baccalaureate and undergraduate studies. I also completed my Duke of Edinburgh Silver Award. I am a very active person and find that physical activity allows me to remain energized and focused. Through all my school years I was continuously selected for the Varsity Volleyball, Varsity Basketball and Varsity Tennis teams where I travelled abroad twice per season for international tournaments. In addition, I was continuously selected for the Student Representative Council for my dormitory in high school, where I also became the President during my senior year.
I have always been self-motivated and independent which is why I have worked by choice rather than out of necessity. Rather than take a gap year following the completion of my undergraduate I decided to take up work in Dubai before furthering my education. I feel it is extremely important for one to be educated but even more so to experience the reality of a working atmosphere where one’s personal skills and attributes can be fully utilized as well as strengthened.
My multinational background, bilingual and international education and the unconventional degree at Regents Business School have provided me with new and innovative ways of thinking and a unique international outlook, as well as the opportunity to appreciate and work alongside a variety of different people from varying cultures and backgrounds. As a well-rounded individual I have managed to work part time throughout my studies while maintaining a 2:1 average, allocating sufficient time between work and study and still remain active both socially and physically. This ability to maintain a balance in my life has equipped me well to handle the pace and pressure your Masters degree requires.
With the right mix of analytical skills and entrepreneurial drive, I am confident that now that my goals are set, what is required is purely working hard to attain them. It may even be appropriate to say that my time in Dubai, after completing my undergraduate degree, has given me a sense of clarity in knowing exactly what is required to reach my ambitions. I believe my western upbringing and education, mixed with my Indian roots, will allow me to utilize my skills to the fullest and excel in a diversified well-rounded environment such as Kings College London.
As a young woman of 22 years, who has spent most of the time away from her parents, studying in a different country, I believe I would bring maturity and seriousness of purpose to my management studies that perhaps many other applicants my age cannot offer. I believe that completing a MA in International Management will equip me with cornerstones in strategy, finance and human resources, operations and marketing, beyond the essential foundations to build a career in international management. I have had experience in travelling the world, fulfilling family and social responsibilities; I am aware of my capabilities, and I know with certainty that I will work hard to reach the goals I have set for myself. I have the intellectual prowess, commitment and enthusiasm to be an excellent candidate at your university.
In the future, ideally, I would like to start my own business and establish a brand with high reputation. Such an ambitious goal requires not only strong determination but also comprehensive knowledge and acumen. I believe that your university’s MA in International Management can greatly contribute in this endeavor enabling me to build and guide my own company through the challenge of globalization, multicultural contexts and international business networks. I truly believe that the sound academic environment at your university would permit me to learn systematically given my innate and acquired abilities and solid determination. Through maximizing the Master’s experience, consistent awareness of the global marketing environment and perseverance, I am confident of completing the course successfully and fulfilling my career objective to become a successful entrepreneur in the global market.
Customer is requesting that (dlzit) completes this order.

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1. Introduction
? A brief recent history
? The industry, products or services, and general economic factors
? Recent performance vis-?-vis its competitors
? Mission and strategic goals

2. Reasons for choosing the project topic and SHELL
? To develop and broaden my understanding of the subject area of my topic
? To provide or extend my skills, which will be beneficial to my career path
? To contribute to the existing literature and knowledge in the subject area
? To fulfil my ambition of attaining an academic qualification in addition to my professional ACCA qualification
? I have worked for Shell Petroleum Development Company, Nigeria from 2002 ? 2008 as an Assistant Project Accountant for the Forcados Yokri Integrated Project FYIP Niger Delta and intend to go back after my studies in the UK, that is one of the reason for my choice of SPDC and the uniqueness of their business operation.
? Please give me any another reasons.

3. Project objectives and research questions

? How effective is Shell?s business and financial strategy over the three year period under review?

? How did Shell fare in comparison to its competition (include BP?s and ExxonMobil?s financial statement for the last three years)?

? Is the company positioned to meet future challenges/changes?

? How do Shell?s financial ratios compare to its competitors (BP British Petroleum, ExxonMobil)? Please include Three years financial statements (2008 to 2010) of Shell, BP and ExxonMobil.

? How does the company?s year on year performance measure over the 3 year period under review?

4. An explanation of research approach.

The approach to be adopted in carrying out this research project is as follows;

? Evaluate Shell business performance with the use of Porter?s 5 Forces analyses models, SWOT, PESTEL etc

? Review key performance indicators of the Oil and Gas industry and measure Shell success in achieving them.

? Calculate financial ratios including solvency, liquidity, efficiency, Investor and profitability ratios for Shell?s over the review period to determine trends and financial performance.

? Review Shell?s performance and position in comparison to its main competitors.

? Assess the adequacy of its current strategy for long term business growth and sustainability.


? Sources of information from which relevant data were obtained.

? Description of the methods used to collect information, including online access.

? A discussion of the limitation of my information gathering.

? Identification of any ethical issues that arose during your information gathering and how they were resolve.

? An explanation of the accounting and/or business techniques used, including a discussion of their limitations.


? Description of results obtained and any limitations

? Presentation results in an appropriate form e.g. Tables

? Critical analysis/evaluation of results which include an explanation of significant findings.

? Conclusions about research findings and how well project objectives and research questions have been met

? Recommendations on specific courses of action to identified individuals within Royal Dutch Shell PLC


BPP Learning Media ACCA Paper F7 Study Text: Financial Reporting (International). London: BPP Learning Media.

BPP Learning Media ACCA Paper F9 Study Text: Financial Management (International). London: BPP Learning Media.

BPP Learning Media ACCA Paper P3 Study Text: Business Analysis. 2nd ed. London: BPP Learning Media.

BPP Learning Media Success in Your Research and Analysis Project.7th ed. London: BPP Learning Media.

Any other academic books etc.

WEBSITE; Shell website Including the date, day and month accessed

Recent Academics Journals; including Student Accountant


Excerpt From Essay:

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