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Title: Marine Mammal Assignment

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Essay Instructions: Museum  study.    Go  to  a  museum  that  has  an  exhibit  featuring  a  marine  mammal.    The  Harvard  Natural  History  Museum  has  many  cetacean  skeletons  and  pinniped  taxidermy  on  display  (and  it’s  free  on  Sundays  for  MA  residents).    The  New  Bedford  Whaling  Museum  has  several  cetacean  skeletons  and  many  displays  on  whale  conservation.    The  New  England  Aquarium  has  otariid  and  North  Atlantic  right  whale  exhibits.  a. Choose  TWO  displays/exhibits/skeletons  to  focus  on  for  this  assignment.  b. Provide  a  1-?2  page  description  of  what  you  saw.    Describe  the  interesting  attributes  of  the  exhibit/skeleton.    Where  did  the  animal  come  from?    What  did  you  learn  about  its  biology/ecology/conservation

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Title: Musuem as a medium

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Essay Instructions: The origins of the contemporary "museum" can be seen in the rage for collecting unique and unusual objects which characterized the Renaissance and the age of exploration. Possession of such objects conveyed not only the power and wealth of the collector, but also displayed the collector's intellectual and aesthetic preferences to a selected audience, thus simultaneously confirming the identities of both collector and spectators as members of a privileged group. In the Age of Enlightenment and the Encyclopedia, the classification and organization of facts and objects - both intellectual property and material culture - gave birth to the concept of the modern 'museum'.

This course investigates the construction and communication of national, cultural, and community identities and diverse definitions of heritage through the medium of the contemporary museum, where material culture is exhibited and organized to express verbal and visual narratives that evoke particular interpretations of history and values. Lectures and discussions will alternate with museum visits in which museum display and techniques of exhibition are identified and analysed.

In this paper , you should discuss the practices the museum go to to make its object museumified, and what makes an object a museum object. talk about the display practices and the museum architecture itself( kinds of musuems) .you can also take a page o to give an example of a museum and analys its nature but i would prefer this to be in the city paris.

I will attach a few readings that will help you understand the concept of the course.
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Essay Instructions: If posibble i would like writer johnfitz44

Visiting Flagler Museum
Write a 3 page paper

1)Clearly identify the event location, date attended, the attendees, and your inital reaction upon arriving to the event.
2)Provide specific information and a description of at least two (2) pieces.
Provide a summary of the event and describe your overall reaction after attending the event.

(Perhaps a comparison with the famous artist, painting scultures) such as Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Renaisance etc.

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Title: Museum Comparison

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Essay Instructions: make sure there are in-text citations.

Required Work

These are the private art museums for comparison
Natural Museum

Unit One Assignment
Compare the history, function, staffing, and programs of a major private art museum in the United States with a major private art museum in another country, and a university natural history museum in the United States with a university natural history museum in another country.

[Note: You will need to search the Web to find good candidates for comparison. If museums have their annual reports available that will be a big help for you. If the foreign museums are not in such English speaking countries as Ireland, Scotland, England, Canada, South Africa, or Australia, you may need to select Web sites that have an English language option. Your search for candidate museums to compare is part of your training. Become familiar with the variety and extent of museums throughout the world.]

Discuss how the history, mission, and function of these museums differ. How old is each museum? How has each changed since it was founded? Why was each museum founded? Do U.S. museums differ from foreign museums?

Important reminders
For all papers, please follow The Chicago Manual of Style using author-date citations and a typed and double spaced format. All papers must be in Microsoft Word and submitted electronically only. Use at least ten different references.

[Note: Five percent will be deducted from your grade for having fewer than ten citations; multiple Web citations within a single Web site will be counted as a single citation.].

The paper must not exceed four pages.

[Note: Five percent will be deducted for papers exceeding four pages; references are not included in the page count. Your paper may not contain more than 100 words of direct quotations and all quotations must be shown in quotation marks and their source noted. All papers will be checked on the Web for originality. I wish to see your own writing and creative thought processes, not that of others. Points will be deducted for improper use of quotations].

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