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Essay Instructions: Film 2700: History of Motion Pictures
500-700 words, Argumental ( not descritive or evaluation ) choose 5 movies,complemented with thoughtful research in support of a focused claim.
In chapter three we are introduced to the formation of Hollywood that will come to dominate the world cinema market. Research how films produced in the US were received by finding at least five contemporary reviews of films produced/released in the 1910s or 1920s The reviews can be on different films. See if you can find a theme in them, a common thread that might tell us something about the general ways audiences thought about the spectacle of American film in the teens/twenties. What can you glean from these reviews that tells us something about this period in the evolution of American cinema’s evolution?

The perfect place to start is the reference desk in the library; the folks who work there are poised to lead you to profitable information if you go to them with specific questions (this is true for this class and any other as well). Here is a “finding film reviews pdf guide,” which we hope is helpful in getting started.

Read the reviews with a critical eye, paying attention to recurring themes or foci in the reviews. Do they focus on the same elements? Do they discuss the stories, the cinematic style, or both? Do they highlight the stars? Do they make critical (argumentative, not evaluative comments) about the films? Fourth, you need to create a general introduction to your claims about the reviews that you then support with your evidence (the reviews themselves). Provide a biliography/works cited page with the paper (correctly formatted in either MLA, APA, Chicago, or Turabian style: your choice

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Title: Movie Analysis: Psycho (1960 film)

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Essay Instructions: Movies analysis: Psycho (1960 film)
Split personality in serial killers when they don't get love in return. they evil inside them overpower their feeling.

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Essay Instructions: Movie Analysis/Paper
You will write a three- to five-page paper analyzing a movie based on interpersonal
communication concepts. Details for this assignment will be available in the
conference for the appropriate week. Please refer to the course schedule for dates.

Movie Assignment

Choose and watch one of the following movies (you may need to use Netflix to get your chosen movie):

The movie I chose was Boyz N the Hood

Then answer the following questions. Be thorough in your answers and supply at least three examples to your responses. Identify which questions you are addressing. Although these questions are separate, please make every effort to make the paper one continuous analysis. You can build on previous questions, etc. Your paper should still include an introduction of the movie and the analysis, and a conclusion.

1. How do the language choices the characters choose in the video affect the people?s perceptions of their world? Do their language choices ever fail? (5 pts)

2. Describe examples of self as demonstrated in this movie. Include components such as ego boundaries, self-concept, self-esteem, and self-fulfilling prophecy. (10 pts)

3. Choose a significant relationship from the movie and trace their relationship engagement
development throughout the movie. (worth 20 pts)

4. Choose a significant relationship from the movie and trace their relationship
disengagement development throughout the movie. (worth 20 pts.)

5. Follow the friendship developed in the movie from initial encounter on. What tensions
are felt in the friendship? Give examples (10 pts.)

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Essay Instructions: These were the following specifications that I was given for this paper...

Final Draft: At least 6 double-spaced pages, 12-point Times New Roman font, completed in MLA syle.

*In the main paper, you will synthesize the findings of your research to provide an objective report on your topic, based on your research (3-4 pages).
*You will conclude this paper by making an argument and by taking position. You will need to argue whether the film faithfully represent the historical event. Does the movie distort history? Is the movie selective and/or partial in its account? In answering these questions, you will have to argue why, in your opinion (depending on your analysis and academic research), the film is made in a particular way( 3-4 pages).

***If you can fit this in somewhere in the paper that would be greatly appreciated... ***
If you could, mention something about how now-a-days people learn their history from movies and don't necessarily take the time upon themselves to figure out whether or not the "facts" in the movie were actually real life account.

--- Thank you!!!

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