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Title: Motherhood

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Essay Instructions: Think about Mother's Day and the "Hallmark" image of Mom. Look at cards, ads, etc. and be specific - how does the idealized mother appear? What are the stereotypes? Expectations?

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Essay Instructions: Assignment: analyze 3 rhetorical techniques in "Mother Tongue" by Amy Tan in order to determine how the author persuades the audience to think, feel or act in a particular way as a result of reading the essay.

Expectations: a well-written, cohesive essay that includes an explicit, arguable thesis statement, unified body paragraphs, integration of quoted material from the source text, clear transitions, and a conclusion that moves beyond summing up the obvious.

Purpose: identify and analyze the rhetorical choices a writer makes.

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Essay Instructions: I need a new version and the writer?s username is Charlie for this essay. You may use the other sources to read but you must cite APA style follows these sources I provide. Thanks.

Reading Response

You read and respond to ?Mother Tongue,? ?One Nation, Indivisible: Is It History?? and ?Newman Student?s Speech in Spanish Sparks Criticism? in the Modesto Bee. Here are some questions to consider while you are reading:

? What are the authors? arguments?
? Is there one author/viewpoint you agree with more than the others?
? How are the essays relevant to your own experiences?
? Do you think that American culture is too fractured according to racial or ethnic groups? Do you think that identity politics is positive or negative?
? What do you consider your mother tongue to be? Do you vary your languages according to the situation?

These questions will help you brainstorm a response to the essays, but you should not answer all of them in your paper. Rather, you may choose to focus on just one or two related questions. Write your opinion on the essays and feel free to incorporate your own examples. However, you must reference at least two of the articles and use two examples from the essays to demonstrate an engagement with the texts. After any direct quotations, use parenthetical citation of the page number at the end of the sentence.

Your paper, while short, still needs to have an introduction, body, and conclusion (or beginning, middle, and end). Your introduction needs to be specific to these essays and your reaction to it?be careful of going too broad (e.g. all groups throughout time have always?it?s really easy to dispute generalizations). State a brief summary of the essays, any necessary context or background information, and then your thesis. Your thesis should answer the why question (sometimes referred to as the ?because? clause) and indicate where the rest of the paper will go. What is the main point you want to make? Don?t surprise us?tell us right away in the introduction in one focused, clear sentence. Readers should know exactly what you will discuss by reading the introduction. An original title will also help your readers focus on your main point, and coming up with a title will help you figure that point out.

Each paragraph after your introduction should have a topic sentence that argues the main point of that paragraph and clearly relates to some aspect of your thesis. You may find it helpful to echo the language of your thesis or use synonyms for the concepts expressed in your thesis in the topic sentences. Then, you will elaborate and use examples, from the texts and/or your own experience. Do not summarize the essays. Make and support your own point.

In the conclusion, you do not need to summarize or restate your thesis. Generally, you only need to do that for longer papers in which you need to remind the readers of your argument. Instead, try to focus on the significance or implications of what you?ve just discussed. What else have the essays left you to think about? What do you want your readers to still be thinking about after they put down your paper? Are there implications for the future? Think about the conclusion as a bridge back out the world beyond the paper.

Additional Resources

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Title: Mother Come Home by Paul Hornschemeier How does the choice of colors in this novel enhance the mood of the novel

Total Pages: 1 Words: 384 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: None Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: analysis and discussion of Mother, Come Home byPaul Hornschemeier
How does the choice of colors in this novel enhance the mood of the novel?

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