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Title: writing a papers integrate I study Montessori Education I upload P S I add paper's guide lines follow

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Essay Instructions: writing a papers to integrate everything I study about Montessori and her Education which I will upload it to you all.

P.S. I will add also my paper's guide lines to follow through.

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Essay Instructions: Discuss the interpretation of the Montessori approach in supporting young children's early learning and development in the context of the Early Years Foundation Stage. Make reference to appropriate child development theory,

Guidelines for this essay:
Discuss the general principles underpinning the Montessori approach. Here you need to consider what has been discussed in philosophy lectures, think about what Montessori has to say about the child, the environment and the teacher's role.

Focus on some particular Montessori inspired activities of everyday living, e.g. the classroom routines, classroom skills, activities to refine manipulative skills, routines and skills for care of self and care of the environment. It is essential that you use examples of activities observed at your placement setting. Explain how these activities meet the learning and development requirements of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS document 2008)

Include reference to some relevant child development theory, you could include:
Child shows autonomy/ independence (Erikson)
Modelling and observational learning (Bandura)
Scaffolding of learning (Bruner)
ZPD (Vygotsky)
Child as an active learner (Piaget)
Frames (Elkind)

Include a bibliography

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Essay Instructions: What kind of person should a Montessori Directress strive to be?
What is her role in the classroom?

THe spritual preparation of the directress
How a tyrant is formed in a directress
The directress must work with grace , she must have enthusiasm
The directress appearance
The directress and the environment
The discreet and indiscreet corrections i n the classroom of the work the child is doing
The montessori teacher as the encourager
The montessori teacher is the link between the child and the environment (dynamic link)
On the giving of lessons
The teacher must bring out the potential of the child
The 3 stages of preparation of the montessori directress
1st stage: Enviroment i.e custodian and keeper of the environment
Caretaker of the equipment
2nd stage: Children i.e children
Behaviour towards children
3rd stage: apparatus
The childs interest in apparatus
a scientific attitude : the directress must carefully observe,record, be objective and experiment

"what the teacher provides in the classroom leaves the child holistic"
The 2levels of love i.e care of the child physically
role model

qualities of a directress
a montessori directress : an act of faith
obtaining the childs consent
the montessori teacher is an encourager

** please send me the bibliography /work cited page
i need to quote sum sayings from the book: montessori - a modern approach chapter 3
the secret of childhood - chapter 22 by maria montessori
the absorbent mind chapter 27

also please can the writer that wrote the first essay write this one

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Essay Instructions: Assignment 2 part A no word limit but please Part B is 1200
PART A ? You will investigate the Steiner, Montessori and Reggio Emilia educational models.
You will create a matrix that compares/ contrasts the Steiner, Montessori and Reggio Emilia models according to the following headings:
? Image of the child
? Teaching and learning
? Assessment
? Environment
? Relationship with parents and the community. please use index reference here as well.


Write a summary (use correct APA referencing format) that introduces, examines, compares, contrasts and evaluates the Montessori, Steiner and Reggio Emilia models drawing appropriate conclusions.

Part B summary ? An essay- 1200 words, please present the assignment in this format:
? 11 pt Arial
? 1.5 line spacing
? Numbered pages
? No indent for paragraphs- miss a line between paragraphs
? Left justified text

Excerpt From Essay:

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