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Title: The rocks land and sea

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Essay Instructions: Please answer the following with a few detailed sentences for each question in APA format.
1... SEA LEVEL: What is relative sea level (RSL)? What is eustatic sea level? How is sea level measured?   What are two (2) issues associated with using this (that) method to ascertain changes in sea level over time?  What are three (3) potential problems associated with rising sea level (transgressive environment) along a coast? What is transgressive environment? Regressive environment?
2.. MINERALS and ROCKS  & MINERAL RESOURCES A: What is a mineral? What are 5 physical properties of minerals? Offer 5 examples of minerals: 2 of Silicate minerals, 2 non-silicates and 1 evaporite mineral. What is a silicate tetrahedron?  Name 2 energy (mineral) resources and 3 non-energy mineral resources. What is PETROLOGY ?  What is DIAGENESIS? Define an Igneous rock and offer 2 examples, Define Sedimentary rock and offer 2 examples and define Metamorphic rock then offer 2 examples. What is the difference between a  RESERVE and a RESOURCE? Can one change into another? What are the major exploration methods (general categories)
3. HYDROLOGY:  Define the following terms; ground water, hydraulic head, water table, aquifer, aquaclude. Does ground water move slow or fast? What is issue with contaminants in ground water?  Briefly describe or explain the meaning of the term WATERSHED for instance the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. Why can salt water intrusion be a major problem in coastal areas  such as on the agricultural Eastern Shore of Maryland?
4   COASTS:  Define a  beach. What is the ‘shoreface’ along a beach?  What is littoral drift (longshore sediment transport)?  What is difference between ‘Groin” and Jetty”?  Where would you find a “tidal inlet”? Give an example.  What is wave refraction?  Identify and describe  a barrier island system. What is difference between an estuary and ocean area?
5.  GEOLOGIC ORGANIZATIONS :  What is the USGS? What are 3 of their main areas of responsibility or focus? What is the Maryland Geological Survey? What are three areas of  the Maryland Geological Survey’s focus? What is the AGI (American Geological Institute)? What is its focus?
6.  STRATIGRAPHY & STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY: What is stratigraphy? LIST 3 fundamental principles of stratigraphy.  Distinguish between Syncline versus Anticline, Strike and Dip, and Fault versus Joint. Distinguish between the three types of faults (normal, reverse, and strike slip) << the strike slip variety is associated with earthquakes in Haiti and Chile>>.  Define Absolute Dating versus Relative Dating. What Era and Period are we living in today? If you had a sample of wood from a tree from the Cenozoic, Quaternary, Pleistocene, would Carbon-14 Pleistocene be of more value in dating it than a trilobite of Paleozoic Mississippian age? Why?

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Title: ASAP physical science

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Essay Instructions: unfortunately I will not be able to use this well written paper sent because it consists of text books not "regular books" I did''nt think that you did them on text books , I should have clarified that. I am inclosing another set of instructions that can be done instead of the reviews. If possible to can you credit my account so I can pay more and have a full 5 page report. I have an extension till early tommorrow to do so 11-26-02! Thankyou so much for your efforts! I am very desperate! The writter I was working with was micki
teachers instructions-
Read a book on some aspect of physical geography that especially interests you, and write a 5+ pg. review of it in which you tell me what you learned fron the book, what particurlarly impressed you about it, what you did and did not like about it etc. The idea is to produce a personal, insightful review of the book and its contents. This is not a bookreport, and I dont want you to use more than a couple paragraphs telling me what the book is about. I''m handing out a list of possible titles, but I also encourage you to head for the geography, geology, climatology, biogeography, nature, or enviromnetal section of your library or book store and see what else you can find.
a few from list- cowan, R. -history of life
Houghton, J- The global climate
cepeda, J- introduction to minerals and rocks
berman, r- secrets of the night sky
baily, robert G.-ecoregions: The ecosystem geography of the ocean and its continents(1998)
or one of your own that is relevant to my teachers instructions

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