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Coasts: Define a beach. What is the shore face along a beach? What is littoral drift (long shore sediment transport)? What is difference between Groin and Jetty? Where would you find a tidal inlet? Give an example. What is wave refraction? Identify and describe a barrier island system. What is difference between an estuary and ocean area?

A beach is a land formation along the ocean's shoreline. A shore face is a zone where the water line is lower. Littoral drift is when non-sedimentary sediment (i.e. sand) is moved along the coastline. Groins are structures that run parallel to the cost line. While Jetties, are structures built to stabilize inlets. Tidal inlets are found in between barrier islands. An example of this can be seen when someone is traveling among the Hawaiian Islands. A wave refraction is when a wave is changing its direction. Barrier islands are...
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