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Title: Milky way

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Essay Instructions: Please answer the following questions in short to the point answers. APA style:
• In one paragraph please explain a characteristic or region of the Milky Way Galaxy that you find interesting.
• Charles Messier was a 18th Century French astronomer who is renowned for a catalogue of bright deep sky objects (nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies) that Messier did not want other astronomers to confuse as comets. Please select one of the celestial objects on the Messier Catalogue ( and present some information on that object. Please include an image of the object.
• Research online and explain one of the following: Hubble's Law, Olber's Paradox, The Cosmic Microwave Background, Inflation, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, the Drake Equation, Rare Earth Hypothesis, and Fermi Paradox.
• There are four possible fates for the Universe: a collapsing universe, a critical universe, a coasting universe, or an accelerating universe. Based on your reading which do you think is the mostly likely? Why?
• Describe the major surface features and composition of:
a) The Earth’s Moon-
b) Mercury-
c) Europa-

• Explain at least three ways Uranus and Neptune are different from Jupiter.

• Explain the difference between an open cluster and a globular cluster.

• Explain the size and major parts of the Milky Way Galaxy.

• What is the Hubble turning fork and how does it arrange the classes of galaxies?

• How are the distances and sizes of galaxies measured?

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Title: THe milky way galaxy

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Essay Instructions: I would like a example essay on the milky way galaxy, please use the maerials i fax your company, you can use your materials also but, refernce. Including 1-2 pictures only.
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Title: Milky Way

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Essay Instructions: Please anser the following :

What is a galaxy? Where does the name Milky Way come from?

Who is William Herschel? What observation did he perform in an attempt to understand the size and shape of the Milky Way?

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Title: Stars

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Essay Instructions: Describing the life cycle of stars. Begin with a brief overview of the nature and importance of light and other electromagnetic waves. Then explain where stars fit in the hierarchy of the universe, the characteristics of stars, and processes by which stars form, live, and die. Discuss how the materials are recycled and how this process might be related to the structure of the Milky Way Galaxy and to the origin of the universe.

Consider these facts in describing the life cycle of stars:

Stars seem unchanging, but they are not. Stars are born from the interstellar medium, become main sequence stars, use up sources of energy, and then ultimately die. During this time, the star can change dramatically. Then its ultimate fate depends on its mass.

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