There must be an invisible force that is acting on those galaxies. These two features make the accelerating universe the most probable explanation amongst its competitors (Riess 2012).

Major surface features of a) the Earth's Moon

The moon's major surface features are craters, rays formed through the crashing of meteorites into the moon's surface. There are also Marias and mountains. Marias is a dark hole like features of the moon and mountains are high elevations on the surface.

b) Mercury

Mercury's surface contains a variety of craters, ridges and terrains. The intensity of the cratered area is highly varied as some areas have a large number of craters while other areas are comparatively smooth. The craters are also highly varied from old craters to new craters. Some craters have rays extending from them.

c) Europa

Unlike the moon and Mercury Europa is very smooth. The visible markings are "albedo features."...
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