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Instructions for Medical Malpractice College Essay Examples

Title: medical malpractice and liability

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1402 References: 6 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Write a paper on medical malpractice/ and liability. This paper has to follow the APA format (5th edition), and have a minimum of 6 published references. The references have to be relevant and recent (2005-2009).The sources should be current published material from journals vs. websites and news sources. Do not use the book as a reference Bodenheimer and Grumbach's Understanding Health Policy. Discuss why you believe this is an important issue and tell what you believe should be done to improve or eliminate the problem from a health policy point of view. A good way to do this is to find opposing viewpoints on the subject and do a comparison/contrast paper. Tell why you agree or disagree with the points raised.
The paper should have the following components:

1. Introduction-tell why your topic is important
3. Review of Literature-tell what others have said about your topic (cite sources)
4. Analysis and Discussion of the Topic-what did you learn

• Topic and Format Selection must be Original and creative, Focused and feasible
• Review of the Literature must be Accurate and current Resources (APA style), Comprehensive and Resourceful
• Quality of Paper must be Accurate formation of findings, Appropriate and relevant information, Clear and Organize, Grammatically and typographically correct
• Quality of Discussions/Conclusions must Demonstrate logical thinking, Accurate

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Title: Describe problem facing U.S. health care system concerned Medical Malpractice Frivolous lawsuits driving practitioners medicine

Total Pages: 2 Words: 756 Works Cited: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: Describe one problem facing the U.S. health care system that you are most concerned with:

*Medical Malpractice/Frivolous lawsuits- and how they're driving practitioners out of medicine

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Title: medical malpractice reform

Total Pages: 5 Words: 1452 Bibliography: 5 Citation Style: APA Document Type: Essay

Essay Instructions: Write a paper 5 pages in length discussing medical malpractice, stating and supporting the opinion that it needs to be reformed. Support your opinion with specific data and arguments. Properly cite your sources in APA format.

The paper needs to be free of grammatical errors and display college level skill. Please use online resources.

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Title: Consumer Mediation

Total Pages: 3 Words: 1133 Sources: 0 Citation Style: MLA Document Type: Research Paper

Essay Instructions: INSTRUCTIONS: Write 200+ words on 3 of the 5 scenarios listed below. Tell what conflict resolution technique or combination of techniques you might use, types of questions you might ask and how you would conduct your business.
Criteria graded:
Grasp of scenarios.
Critical Thinking.

SCENARIO 1 Medical Malpractice

Players: Attorney for the doctor, attorney for the plaintiff and conflict resolution professional.

The plaintiff claims that he was sent home with a bowel obstruction after surgery in September. This obstruction developed into a near-fatal fistula. The plaintiff also claims that the doctorfailed to act on the X-ray information that revealed the obstruction and sent the plaintiff home earlier than was wise.

The doctor claims that she followed all the proper procedures. The doctor claims that the plaintiff should have told the doctor of the uncomfortable feeling as soon as it occurred. Instead, the plaintifftold the plaintiff's partner but not the doctor. The doctor believed that the plaintiff's not tellingthe doctor allowed the condition to become critical and that, therefore, the doctor owes the plaintiff nothing.

You are the resolution professional.

Scenario 2: Nursing home

Players: Nursing home administrator, family member, conflict resolution professional.

A family member arrives at the Sunset Nursing home to visit his mother who lives there. The son discovers that mom's call bell is "out of reach." Plus mom is "dirty." The son gets very upset believing that evidence shows a pattern of ill treatment despite the fact that the family pays "good money" for Mom's care. When the son asks the Mom about the call bell, Mom says that the nurse on duty placed it there because mom was "bothering" the nursing staff. It is possible that Mom may be in the early stages of dementia.

You are the conflict resolution professional.

Scenario 3 New Supervisor

Players: Supervisor, employee, conflict resolution professional.

Employee: "You have left me high and dry for the third time," shouts the employee, storming into the supervisor's office and slamming the door.
The supervisor replies: "You must realize thast I'm not like your previous boss. You have to adapt to new ways of working."

Notes about the supervisor:
Just promoted and getting to know the job.
Some of the employees who report to you expect you to behave just like your predecessor, who had been a supervisor for 20 years.
Working long days and on the brink of exhaustion.

Notes about the employee:
Under pressure to complete many projects.
Could barelly manage under former supervisor, who realized employee as a star player in the companyand supported employee completely.
The new boss lacks experience and does not seem to understand that employee works hard and that employees need boss' support when controversies occur.

You are the conflict resolution professional.

Scenario 4 Love in the office.

Players: Bob, Ted, Carol and Alice

Ted is friends with co-workers Carol and Alice. Ted is such a good friend with Carol; he knows the intimate details of her romantic life. Carol is dating another person in the office. When Ted walks by Carol's computer, he notices that she left openan e-mail message that Carolmeant to send to her co-worker/lover. The message proposes romantic activities that evening. Thinking that both Carol and Alice will find it amusing, Ted sends Carol's message to Alice. Not only do they think it is amusing, they file a complaint with supervisor Bob.

You are Bob and call a meeting with Ted, Carol and Alice.

Scenario 5 Parking Dispute

Bert and Ernie live in the same condomnium building, which has an owner's association and a resident manager. Each condo owner gets one parking space, but the spaces are not assigned.

Bet's perspective.
For some reason, Ernie doesn't respect Bert. That latest episode of this is that Ernie shoveled all the snow from one parking space where Bert is parked, patially covering Bert's car. Bert races out and politely asks Ernie to stop his actions and shovel the offending snow off his car. Ernie laughs and sticks the shovel in the snow ordering Bill to start shoveling. When Bert refuses, Ernie loses it and starts yelling and attracting attention. Finally, the manager comes out and demands that both go to mediation.

Ermnie's perspective
Ernie is fed up with Bert. Each time it snows, Ernie shovels a parking spot for his car. You see Bert peeking out the window. As soon as Ernie drives away, Bert runs down and moves his car into the newly shoveled space. This time Ernie shovels all the snow into the space where Bert's car is parked partially covering his car. Bert comes running out, spewing obscentities at Ernie. Ernie said he wants to watch Bert to shovel for a change. As the agument grows louder, the manager comes out and demands that both go to mediation.

You are the conflict resolution professional.


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